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cougarfan83 02-20-2013 5:54 PM

Surf board recommendations
I'm in the market for a wake surf board. We primarily wakeboard but I've got a new Malibu with Surfgate coming at the end of march, so we will be doing some more surfing now. I'm looking for recommendations on a good all around board that can be used by myself (165#) as well as my wife and children (12 & 9).

Thoughts from you experts?

WakeDirt 02-20-2013 6:53 PM

I would look for a durable board for sure. Pretty soon each member of the fam will devlop their own style (surf or skim)...this time next year you will be buying 4 new boards ha ha...make sure you get enough surf racks now, the sports blowin up.....

Kingsriver 02-20-2013 7:20 PM

Wont matter what you buy. This time next year you will a custom board for you and skim and surf boards for your crew. Bought at Ronix last year with my new boat and now have bunch of other boards. Boards are cheap it is the boat that hurts.:D

CarZin 02-20-2013 7:21 PM

A lot is weight dependent. I would buy something for hyperlite as a good learning board. Super durable and forgiving, and you won't be upset if someone runs it into the back of the boat. We had a broadcast for bigger riders and a coex for smaller. I now ride a Inland Surfer Flyboy. Well worth it at $900, but not something to learn on. I'd say pick up some used boards cheap on Craigslist. You'll be able to sell them again in a couple months then upgrade to better boards.

cougarfan83 02-20-2013 8:20 PM

Thoughts on this?

Too small? Good deal?


dezul 02-21-2013 4:57 AM

This one comes recommended by most for beginners.


However, once themalibucrew site gets back online, search on there. I recall a thread that had multiple reviews of various boards. Not to deflect you from here but it had some valuable information.

02-21-2013 5:48 AM

I like my Phase 5 oogle pretty good for everyone and you can still bust out some tricks with it

CarZin 02-21-2013 6:25 AM


I've not ridden that board, but that is probably a decent start. You can get it new for about $300. I would say its on the fragile side for beginners, but for $150, you don't have much to lose.


This is the coex I like for beginners (bullet proof)

The skim board someone mentioned above (Phase 5) is also pretty bulletproof. But they are not an easy board for beginners, and are really slick. My wife uses a Phase 5 Daniello Pro that I love, but we've had some pretty good face plants on that one with the board sliding out from underneath us :) I prefer Surfstyle for that reason. With all those fins, I can land completely off balance, and as long as I have my toes on a rail, those fins will not let the board slide.

If you are 165, you can ride all those boards with no issue. The kids will need something smaller. I think the Coex will work. I've gotten smaller kids up on it, but I don't know what a 9 and 12 year old weigh :) The Coex will not support weights much above 175 very well, unless you have a reall large wave. So this board could be the 'everyone' board if you aren't carrying heavier riders.

Bottom line, you need to have a throw away board that is medium sized and not fragile for guests. They will run these boards into the back of the boat, and you won't be happy if the board is ruined as a result of it. They will also get walked on accidentally and dinged if they are fragile. You and your wife should learn on something mid ranged (maybe that LF board you mentioned), then get rid of it and buy a high end board when you've learned. The kids will likely need the smallest board they make.

wakemitch 02-21-2013 11:12 AM

Since you're in Rocklin, you might want to wait for the Sac Boat Show (March 7-10). There is going to be a huge Wakesurf booth with all the high end/wakesurf only brands and really good deals.

dezul 02-24-2013 3:53 PM

Whatever you do, don't get a Inland Surfer Mucus as your first board....it is squirrelly to ride at first. I picked up a Hyperlite Broadcast to learn on. It is the 5'4 one. You can go smaller for the kids. Good luck.

dejoeco 02-25-2013 5:03 AM

This is difficult because it involves personal preference. My family started with a Hyperlite Landlock. This is big and stable with big fins to help people track straight ahead. Good only for a basic start and no more. We still start newbies on this board.

We have owned Inland Surfer, Phase Five and Shredd Stix, but right now for my money it is Victoria Skimboards. Bang for your buck there are no better boards. With this said, you need to ride skim. My daughter, Jackie Costa, switched to Vic and went from Amateur to Outlaw and now will compete pro all in a progression of less than a year. The board made a big difference and she is now a Vic team rider. I have since made the switch from my Drew Pro Carbon and I am riding better than ever too.

The Victoria board run around 350, a great price. Good luck and if you decide on a Vic board, mention Jackie and she will get some credit as a team rider.

Life is better on the water!

tmill 02-25-2013 1:04 PM

you should take a quick look at the new nitro from triple x surf and skim. I help prototype it and we got a great all around board that looks amazing. From beginer to the advanced riders anyone will love this board. I taught a ton of people how to surf with the board set up as a thruster(three fins) and as riders got better we would pull off the center fin and run it as a twin to loosen it up and allow people to do spins and slides. You cant get a better surf style board for the money.


cougarfan83 02-25-2013 10:02 PM

Thanks for all the advice everyone! I picked up the Hyperlite Broadcast and then found a deal on Craigslist for the Liquid Force Custom so I got than one too for more advanced riding.

I will continue to come back to your recommendations as our riding progresses and we are looking for new boards.

Many thanks!!

constructor 02-26-2013 8:16 PM

The LF custom thruster is stable and kind of slow compared to the XXX Nitro so it may be a better starter board. Good idea to keep a Hyper(near unbreakable), a LF(next step up)and a faster board to cover just about anyone that wants to ride. Boards are to guys what shoes are to women so get ready.

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