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rosewawa 02-18-2013 9:45 PM

Rear Seat and Engine Cover 1997 Moomba Outback
There's a 1997 Moomba Outback that I'm interested in buying but it's missing the rear seats and engine cover.

Anybody know where I can buy one at? Or something that would fit well from another make, model and year? The guy says he has a fat sack but I'd still like to see if I can find the rear seats and an engine cover. Trying to figure out if the cost of the rear seats and engine cover would be worth the price for the asking overall price of the boat.

Oh this is my first boat, anybody want to give suggestions on anything, please feel free :)



boardman74 02-19-2013 12:46 PM

The back seat probably wouldn't be to hard to have a shop fab a base and then cover it. The engine cover (I assume its a direct drive) on the other had is only custom to that boat and a couple others in the Moomba line. It is all fiberglass and then covered with vinyl. Custon fiberglass work isn't going to be cheap and for it to look right you would need the mold. That motor box has a seat in it at the back and is very unique to Moomba. You could talk to the factory and see if they have any around. The one in the new outback might fit, but I bet the Cost would surprise you. You could make something out of wood, but it's never going to look original. Depends on how picky you are.

How is the boat missing the motor box anyway, that would be my first question. I have heard of back seats blowing out. People take them out to add sacks. But the motorbox being gone is a new one to me.

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