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T_A 02-18-2013 5:15 PM

Destin Bay
Anyone ride in destin bay? Or anywhere near there? Gonna be there with my wife and a couple friends in early April. Would love to tag along if anyone rides there, good for gas $$ and drinks if need be...

jtiblier123 02-19-2013 3:57 AM

I will not be there, and I apologize for that, but I just wanted to let you from my experience that the best riding in Destin is actually all the way on the north side of the bay. Once you come across Mid-bay bridge, there is a marina, it is called Legendary Marine (last time I checked). It is a huge building with marine art painted on the entire building.
Anyway, leave from that marina, and head north/ northwest. Go under the bridge and continue until you get to the north side (watch for sandbars) and then you can just cruise the north side looking for the perfect "mini bay" or lagoon. Its about a 20-30 minute ride at cruising speed (28-30mph).There are a ton of nice size lagoons off of the large bay. There will be fancy homes and what not, but we found some really cool beaches. Once you get that far north, the water starts to turn brackish but it is still pretty clear. Last time I went we found a nice little white beach with a tree swing. We posted there the whole day and did not see one other boat. I can try to google earth for ya. The area actually looks like a chain of lakes once you are on the water.

Also, I believe there is a red '07 X-Star at the Marina. Maybe you could have a "test day" on it and then there is your ticket to a great day of riding. Let me know if you want more info because I know Destin really well. Its like my second home.

jtiblier123 02-19-2013 4:01 AM

Link for the x-star...


It could have sold but it is worth a shot depending upon how much you are into this sport

T_A 02-19-2013 6:10 AM

Thanks for the info James, I will look into it. If anyone else will be out lmk. I'm the only one in my group that's a diehard boarder, everyone else would just be free ballast and out to have a good time.

jtiblier123 02-19-2013 7:02 AM

Great. I also forgot to mention that the bridge I am referring to (mid-bay bridge) is not the bridge that most use when entering Destin from the West (right by the major harbor with AJ's and all that)

The only landmark at the end of the midbay is the huge marina I was referring to. Have a great trip!

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