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leaks 02-17-2013 6:08 PM

Keep Your Eyes OPEN in Disco Bay
What a terrible feeling. I went down to my boat dock to tighten down the cover, and noticed something strange. I took off the cover to find my sub, and both amps have been stolen. To make it worse, they found my tool box, and used my own tools to do the heist. I guess that's kind of a blessing, no damage done, just nicely removed and wires cut. According to the Sherriff , there has been a rash of boat break ins lately. Mostly wake boats.

diamonddad 02-18-2013 9:05 AM

Man that sucks. As you may know, my house was hit last August. I lost 2 doors, all my tools and a most of my watersports equipment. Now I have an alarm and motion activated cameras. Due to this my neighborhood also started a watch program.

Michael 02-18-2013 11:39 AM

Its pathetic that we have to worry about this here. Its even worse that I have to lock my boat up with a chain.

leaks 02-18-2013 2:09 PM

Ya, it sucks. Even with the so called security they have at the docks, these scum bags come in by water at night, and then just hide under the boat covers while doing the tear out. Does anyone have any experience with boat alarms? How, and if they work?

02-19-2013 9:07 AM

My house got burglarized right before Christmas. I even found some of my stolen property for sale on craigslist. I called the cops, followed up, gave them all the craigslist info. They did nothing. They did send me a letter with a case number (gee thanks). Buddy of mine had his toy hauler stolen out of his locked storage yard. He had video of them stealing it. Gave it to the cops - they did nothing.

If you're a thief these days the only thing you really have to worry about is getting shot by an owner if they catch you in the act, and that happens waaaay too rarely.

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