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brettw 02-17-2013 1:06 PM

Wakeboarding with dolphins
Just came across this.


The embed code doesn't work - sorry.

jhartt3 02-17-2013 3:04 PM

Just made my wife want to get on a board again. Sweet!

Wiatowski 02-17-2013 3:32 PM

pretty awesome.

jfergus7 02-17-2013 7:42 PM

That is amazing! And to catch that on video is awesome!

tdickman4 02-22-2013 5:10 PM

That's awsome

Bumpass1 02-22-2013 5:30 PM

Man I would never get a set in again. My daughters would be fighting over who was going to ride next!! Good find. Thanks for posting.

ktm525 02-24-2013 7:18 AM

Great video. Right at the end I like the 3 dolphins surfing the roller. They are just cruising sitting there. Also If you watch in the far right back, they is one that goes huge.

hawkeye7708 02-24-2013 10:25 AM

That was so cool! Way better than the inland flying carp...

wakerider111 02-24-2013 11:21 PM


Fluffytoasters 03-21-2013 3:21 PM

That would be amazing. I wonder what would happen if she fell.

irishrider92 03-22-2013 2:21 PM


Originally Posted by Fluffytoasters (Post 1812705)
That would be amazing. I wonder what would happen if she fell.


homedawg678 03-22-2013 5:47 PM

aaaaaand i no longer want to ever be around dolphins again.

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