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alex_hunter 02-17-2013 12:03 PM

Pricing for used WS amps
What could I expect for pricing on Used Wet Sounds amps. I have Syn1, 2, 4, and the micro to sell. All are basically new, bought last year and only used a few times.

WakeDirt 02-17-2013 12:31 PM

Trade ya set of Rev8s for the Syn 2 & 4

Midnightv10 02-17-2013 1:47 PM

I would guess you could get $400 for the Syn 4 and $350 for the Syn 2. not sure on the 1.

Are you upgrading to the SD's?

alex_hunter 02-17-2013 2:59 PM

Ya, I'm getting the new amps. Will be able to go from 6 amps to 4 and still have way more power.

Midnightv10 02-17-2013 4:06 PM

yeah, I have been thinking about that myself..
going from 4 to 3

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