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frozenorth 02-15-2013 9:14 AM

another new boat thread
I did a quick search and I couldn't find really what i was looking for.

I've read the forums on Wakeworld for a long time but never felt the need to post. I've been happy with my present boat for a long time so I haven't really bothered to research any of the new boats recently.

My current boat is a 2007 x-1, or the 205v hull which i've owned for a number of years now. The boat's been awesome, my favouite boat of all time to ride behind, i've ridden behind a lot of boats. The family is growing though and we have found that the boat just isn't quite big enough to fit everyone comfortably these days. I hate to give the boat up cause i love the wake, both wakeboarding and surfing on the Ports side!

I don't want to start a whose boat is better thread, that's not what i care to do. What i would like to do know is which of the new MC boats would be the closest wake to my 205v? I need to stick with MC as dealer wise they're pretty much the only dealer i'd like to deal with in my area. I've talked to them about trading the boat in and they're willing to give me a pretty fair price for my boat. I just need to fiture out which one of the newer MC boats that's bigger would be the closest in wake!

thanks in advance!

bjames 02-15-2013 9:28 AM

Hmmm.. good question. I have never been in an X1. But seen that its a traditional pointed hull, you may want to start looking at either the X30 or X10. The X30 is a solid boat boath for wakeboarding and especially surfing. The X10 appears to be a slightly smaller version of the X30. If you have a grwowing family, look at the X30 as it is HUGE inside.

501s who is regularly on this forum can give you first hand feedback on this boat. Also do a member search for 501s. BTW he liked the X30 so much that he has his second X30 on order .

simplej 02-15-2013 9:28 AM

From what I've heard the new xstar will be closest because of the step down hull makes a wake like the 205. Other than that maybe the x30 or 25 might be good options

MattieK27 02-15-2013 9:58 AM

The new X10 has been described as a replacement for two boats, the 205V and X15. I would start there, and move up to the X30 if it doesn't have the room you need. There might be a new entry level MC on the way as well, but anything about that boat currently is pure speculation.

williamburell 02-15-2013 9:59 AM

x25 will be the closest to that wake.

Fixable 02-15-2013 10:21 AM

^ Agreed

frozenorth 02-15-2013 10:32 AM

X-25 eh :)

ok I'll check that out. I've done a little research on the X-10 (new) but because it's soooo new i don't think anyone has really ridden behind it yet. I do like the X-10 seating though. The flip of the back seat is great and reminds me of what Nautique is doing but without all the hard edges everywhere.

x-star, is well out of my price range for sure. Thanks I'll have to find some video on the X-25 to see what it's like. Oh, weighting the X-25. What i like about my X-1 is I don't have to throw a tone of weight in the boat to get a fun wake. IS the X-25 like the xstar where you need a ton of weight to make it worth while? Or can you get away with riding stock weight with a sack in the bow kind of set up?

tampawake 02-15-2013 10:33 AM

I guess this depends on what you can afford as well.

chattwake 02-15-2013 10:34 AM

The san 210 (07-current) feels similar to me. I owned an 02 xstar, and several of my friends have newer 210s. Unfortunately, a 210 isn't going to give you a whole lot more room. If the boats mentioned are out of your price range, demo an a22 and see what you think of that wake. My friends all loved my a22 wake, some of whom own 210s and one 205v (1999).

501s 02-15-2013 10:36 AM

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Hi Carl. I have an 2013 X-30 so perhaps I can help. I have never ridden behind an X1 but I know many people rave about that boat, one of the best MC hulls made.

Judging by all the things you have said, an X-30 might be the perfect boat for you. In terms of storage, space and the surf wave, the X-30 will blow your X1 away. Its a much bigger boat. We are able to store 2-3 surfboards and a couple wakeboards just under the seat on the port side. Because we are a boating family all of this storage was important to us and we love it. Fit and finish, rear facing seat, ZFT4 were all other features that drew us to the X-30. We use that seat almost every time we go out, the kids love it.

With a growing family, one of our big requirement from the x-30 was that it would have a clean and consistent wake at all speeds and line lengths. Coming from a boat where the wake would sometimes curl over or wash out and was weight sensitive, we wanted something without these problems and the X-30 delivers. You can ride it slow even with ballast for kids or for learning tricks or load it up for a huge wake. We haven't really found the point where the weight was to much, the wake just keeps getting bigger. Even with 2500 lbs and a bunch of people you can ride it as slow as 20 or 21. Most 23ft boats need more speed. Ive posted these pics a ton (people are probably sick of seeing them) but here are some shots of the wake stock and with extra weight (750 in each corner). Good luck on a test drive.

Quick little rant. I hear a lot of people saying they don't like the ZFT4. I don't get it, I love this tower. When comparing it to say a G3 Malibu tower, the ZFT4 has better speaker placement (up above and out of the way so you don't bang your head on them), much easier to fold down (as easy as it gets, a girl can do it one handed), better spinners on the racks, better clamps on the racks and it is solid as can be and doesn't rattle. I realize that everyone has a different opinion of what looks good, but from a functional standpoint the ZFT4 is awesome.

Fixable 02-15-2013 1:02 PM


Originally Posted by frozenorth (Post 1806887)
Oh, weighting the X-25. What i like about my X-1 is I don't have to throw a tone of weight in the boat to get a fun wake. IS the X-25 like the xstar where you need a ton of weight to make it worth while? Or can you get away with riding stock weight with a sack in the bow kind of set up?

Most X25 owners run only stock ballast for the wakeboard wake. There are a couple threads over on TT, that have a bunch of wake photo's. That being said, 99% of the wake photos are just stock ballast..... It is a heavy boat, and has a deep V. It takes a minimum of 19mph to have a perfectly clean wake. It is arguably the best stock wakeboard wake out there.....

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