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boardman74 02-12-2013 6:20 PM

Final stereo suggestions
Trying to get my system finalized and components ordered for the new boat. I will be taking delivery in about 4-5 weeks so I have time to get the stereo, ballast and extra battery in before we go in the water in April. Here is what the boat came with.

Standard Tige/Wetsounds stereo. Clarion head unit. 4 Xs-650 in boats

Adding 2 Rev8's on the tower and a XS-10FA sub in the stock location.

I'm looking for good sound but I don't need awesome or extremely loud. It's a family boat and i have older neighbors at the lake.

My thought for amps are:
2 syn 4s. 1 for the Revs and one for the in boats and sub.

2nd option is a HT6 for the inboats and sub and a HT 4 for the Revs. This saves me about $200 and it's the way I am leaning.

Truekaotik 02-12-2013 6:36 PM

HT set up is what you want man ;) good choice

chpthril 02-12-2013 7:12 PM

Are you adding 2nd pair of Rev-8 or just installing the 1st pair? Just want to make sure, but I believe you have no tower speakers at the moment.

The HT-4 running a single pair of Rev-8 will be 300W x 2, so thats good solid power for them, although a little less then a Syn-4 in 2 chnl mode @ 400W x 2. The HT-6 will deliver 110 to both pair of xs-650 and 300W to the XS-10fa. Thats spot on power for those, with no huge difference power wise from the Syn-4. The HT-6 route would allow for the addition of a 3rd pair of in-boats.

neither is a bad options. The HT series are sweet, you will like them

simplej 02-12-2013 7:21 PM

step the 4 in cabin to the 7 they do at the factory. also dont worry about the towers, you can control with the fader on the head unit

boardman74 02-13-2013 2:51 PM

Mike, Just 1 set of Rev8's. Bought a set with the boat separate, not the tower of power option. Wanted to buy them thru Tige so they would have the collar for the Alpha Z.

Just so I understand I bridge the HT 4 for the Rev 8s(1 speaker channel 1 &2, other speaker channel 3&4). On the HT6 do I run 1 each boat speaker(XS-650) to channel 1-4? Or do i series them in pairs to a 2 ohm load to a channel? Then run the sub to channel 5&6 bridged. Am i close?

Also what else am I going to need to get them hooked up? What size wire? distro blocks etc.

chpthril 02-13-2013 4:05 PM


Yes, the HT-4 will be running in 2 chnl mode, with each speaker receiving 300W. Rev-8 #1's + on chnl 1 + and #1's - on chnl 2 -. Same with the 2nd Rev-8 using chnl 3's + and chnls 4's -

For the HT-6, it will be running as a 5 chnl: Your sub would be wired bridged on chnls 5/6. For chnls 1 through 4, each will be driving its own XS-650. No in-boats wired together in series or parallel.

Gear needed: 1/0 POS and NEG trunk line, a main circuit protection (i like breakers), a couple of non-fused distribution blocks, some 4 ga from the blocks to the amps for the POS and GND, 2-3 6ft RCA cables. Tower should be pre-wired, but you will need some 14ga to extend from the base of the tower to the amp wall I bet and some for the sub. A few feet of 18ga for the amps turn-on circuit. Terminal ends and heatshrink, etc.

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