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irishrider92 02-12-2013 3:11 AM

'12 vs '13 Bill and Code 55 vs Cells
Looking at picking up a new board and possibly binding soon

Can anyone offer any difference between the different year boards? I demo-ed the 2011 board and really liked it, so I'm thinking of picking up the '12 board, but I'm wondering if much has changed other than bananas and purple.

Also seeing as the Code 55 replaced the Cells, is there much of a difference there, or is it just a renaming really?

How to the RADs stack up against them too? I'm coming from a pair of Franks that I didn't like too much, because they were too loose and I like a stiffer boot.


raceman121 02-12-2013 5:10 AM

the 12 and 13 bill are completely different they went back and changed the shape all the way through it. when I was at the boat show I noticed how much thinner the 13 bill is than the 12 seemed more flexy to. the code 22 is the new intelligent core and its pretty stiff but the most responsive in the line the intelligent core is on the phoenix the william and the code 22. after going to the boat shows and demo's i went with the william!

irishrider92 02-12-2013 8:02 AM

Cheers for the reply. Guess I'll have to try get a demo so. Also I was talking about the Code 55 boots.

The intelligent boards would be nice but man they're pricey!

raceman121 02-13-2013 3:22 PM

yea they are so over priced but I hooked up with my local shop and they got me one at cost!

ironj32 02-15-2013 5:38 AM

The Code55 boots are verrry similar to the Cells, I can't really notice a difference (rode them from Aug-Oct). They are pretty stiff and supportive, yet super comfy.

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