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thehubbit 02-11-2013 5:47 PM

Peak vs. Deluxe
Hi All,

I'm thinking of buying an LF Peak Hybrid but since I'm used to riding a longer board (Phoenix 142), I'm leaning towards an the Deluxe Hybrid instead.

Anyone know the main difference besides the sizes? Is the Peak really stiffer in the middle as Nico says it is? Or is it just a marketing thing? Tried comparing both at a local pro shop and they look and feel exactly the same....

wakemitch 02-11-2013 7:31 PM

The LF rep told me that the Peak is softer in the center and stiffer in the tips, where the deluxe is stiffer in the center and softer in the tips.

d_h_wake 02-12-2013 3:52 PM

I believe it is the other way around Mitch? I remember watching a product review and Nico was talking about his board. He said it had the characteristics to be stiff in the centre yet soft on the tip and tail. This was to make pressing easier, but not sacrificing any of the stiffness either...


I also heard that the Peak is a little softer than last year to. but That part I could be wrong on.

wakemitch 02-12-2013 3:55 PM

I was confused when I saw the video too.
I remember asking the rep those same questions and that is what he said. I dont have both boards in front of me to check right now, but im really curious.

thehubbit 02-13-2013 10:46 AM

And that is actually the reason why I think it might just be a marketing thing.. maybe there really is no difference (just size and design). It could be that they just wanted to add more "variants" to LF's lineup.

Also, notice that Daniel Grant rides a different coloured peak? A white version of the 140 but it seems like a 136....

skiboarder 02-13-2013 1:10 PM

If held both and ridden both. I could tell zero difference.

The templates match up between the 139 and 140 perfectly. They felt the same when I put my foot in the middle of them too. Unless I was holding the exception, it is the same board.

hrwboarder 02-13-2013 1:56 PM

I've spent considerable time on both boards at the cable and eventually bought a 140 peak. From what I understand the peak and the deluxe are the same exact shape (I'm going off 2012 models). I can tell you from riding them that the deluxe is much stiffer.

The peak is much softer in the tips but still has some stiffness in the center so that pressing on the tips and locking in is very well controlled. If you ride something softer (FLX) you'll feel the board press much more through the center. The peak lands with good speed off of kickers but still will absorb some speed.

The deluxe is stiffer throughout and lands with more speed off the kickers and won't feel quite as flexible when you go to press.

Size wise you will be fine on any of these boards around the 140 range.. I have ridden a 137 Pheonix a good bit as well and it feels a little short for me. Neither of these boards lands as well as the Pheonix IMO. The peak is a little softer than the Pheonix as well. Personally, I like the Pheonix better than the deluxe.

Hope it helps!

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