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cocheese 02-11-2013 2:13 PM

2012 or 2013 Supra Launch 21v?
Time to upgrade. Gonna trade in our 2005 Launch 21v for either a leftover 2012 or build a 2013. Looked at both at the boat show and the main differences we saw are tower and seat layout. We like the 2012 tower and the 2013 seat layout but neither are a deal breaker. The difference in seat layout is the 2012 is set up with 3 cushions and the 2013 is like our 05 with 5 cushions. This makes for easier access to storage under seats which we like. Buy, the tower change in 2013 still has not grown on me. Any other subtle or major differences between the two years? Price is within 5k so really comes down to the subtle differences. Any help is appreciated!!

tyler97217 02-11-2013 3:44 PM

Biggest differences are:
Seat configuration makes the 2013 feel bigger
Heated seat I think?
Touch screen dash
Better cooler access is the 2013
Bigger motor standard in 13'

Either way they are all subtle changes and the $5k difference makes it a crap shoot. Either way you will love either one. It is an awesome boat all around!

Ttime41 02-11-2013 4:05 PM

^^ Don't forget the new standard tower setup for the 2013. Four 6" Polk swivel speakers

ripr 02-11-2013 8:05 PM

Great pickle to be in!

To be honest, the interior layout difference cannot be understated. While the 2012 is a good looking, comfortable and durable set up, access to storage under the seats can be a bit more cumbersome.

The driver presets, touch screen Vision dash, heated seat, S bend tower, new standard 345 surf motor and some more color options....my vote is for the '13.

I think the warranty might be longer on the '13 as well, but You'll wanna verify that.

02-12-2013 11:33 AM

2013's all have a 3 year warranty I believe.

cocheese 02-12-2013 11:47 AM

Thanks for the help!! Had a feeling Diggs would be the first to respond!! Wife has given her approval on a 2013. Function over appearance was here argument and she is the boss!! Come on spring.

tyler97217 02-12-2013 1:25 PM

Awesome!! Pics? Color scheme?

02-12-2013 5:27 PM

What Diggs said, pics please!!!

Tlaw 02-12-2013 7:47 PM

Have you ever done a demo on the MB Sports?

Bumpass1 02-12-2013 8:33 PM


Originally Posted by TN22 (Post 1806375)
What Diggs said, pics please!!!

Agreed. This thread is useless without them:cool:

Alleykat 02-13-2013 12:01 AM


Originally Posted by Tlaw (Post 1806416)
Have you ever done a demo on the MB Sports?

Go away Troll. My god. Tell Mark the propganda isnt working.

cocheese 02-13-2013 4:59 AM

I will throw up some pics as soon as I can. Gotta nail down a color scheme first and then get it on order.

We checked out MB and it was a close second.

Tlaw 02-13-2013 6:13 AM

Before you invest in the Supra, I am willing to give you a demo on a F21 TomCat this Saturday. Shoot me a message if your interested.

If you like to Wakeboard your going to want to check out the Supra wake before you buy.

chattwake 02-13-2013 6:57 AM

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DatTexasBoy 02-13-2013 8:27 AM

I looked at the Supra's at the DFW boat show and they are making a good looking product.

Chatt, Is that your new boat????? Ha

Post up some pics when you get it.

cocheese 02-13-2013 10:32 AM

Had an MB before we purchased our 05 21v. It was one of the first MB v-drives and my father inlaw purchased it new in 1999. Loved that boat and have nothing but good things to say about MB. Supra is offering trade in options as well as a loyalty program to current supra owners. On top of that we love the wake on our current Supra. We are sticking to what we know and love!! Thanks for the offer though.

Tlaw 02-13-2013 2:07 PM

Looks like you've made up your mind. Congrats on the new buy! Looking forward to seeing the pics.

johnny_defacto 02-13-2013 4:17 PM


Originally Posted by Tlaw (Post 1806559)
Looks like you've made up your mind. Congrats on the new buy! Looking forward to seeing the pics.

Wow... it looked like he made up his mind in his VERY FIRST POST. I was just thinking about how a lot of the "what about an MB" hijacks have subsided considerably over the last year... but Lo and Behold, you come and snipe. A few Tige guys had to get their p p's slapped a bit before they finally stopped going to peoples houses uninvited and flying their "tige" flags, rhetorically speaking.

I really would like to see more riding by pro's behind MB's though. Yes, MB doesnt pull any contests but that is no excuse. Axis doesnt pull any pro contests and there are always new videos of the axis riders. This goes for the new xstar, z3, G23, SA's and all the other new boats... very disappointed in the lack of videos or clips of all the riders and their new tugs.

The best thing that MB did, way back in 09 I think, was sign Aaron Rathy and put out that ONE video of him riding his boat with seemingly stock ballast, one driver and one cameraman... sick riding, sick wake, made a lot of people double take the MB, especially with the previous years reported wake problems. Rode one in a contest the next year and had a great experience. Not sure if Rathy still rides MB, or if they even have pro riders... didn't see any on their website... but maybe they spend so much of their money giving promo deals to loudmouths or paying trolls on websites that they have nothing left to sponsor guys? I don't know, I am just spit balling here. Would like to see them sign someone big and give them an F24, looks like a sick ride.

simplej 02-13-2013 4:31 PM

The ennens are their pro riders and mikey just dropped an sick edit behind an f24, it does look sick and mikey rode sick...

Anyways enjoy your boat!

johnny_defacto 02-13-2013 9:49 PM


Originally Posted by simplej (Post 1806585)
The ennens are their pro riders and mikey just dropped an sick edit behind an f24, it does look sick and mikey rode sick...

Anyways enjoy your boat!

Thanks simplej, I do remember they always have MB's at their camps and in their videos. Wondering why I didn't see them on the MB website...

cocheese 02-16-2013 1:48 PM

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Boat has been ordered!! Gonna be a rough couple months waiting. Thanks Southtown Watersports for providing the perfect dealership experience!!

Mjlee1985 02-16-2013 1:57 PM

Southtown guys are great. Looks like a awesome boat.

slowwwflowww 02-16-2013 2:24 PM

Love that blue and black, they go great together,one of my favorite combos!!Congrats!

ripr 02-16-2013 4:51 PM

Congrats! Looks great!

02-16-2013 6:03 PM

Looks sick!!

chattwake 02-16-2013 6:19 PM

Great looking classic color scheme.

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