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TWCA21Wake 02-10-2013 7:10 PM

Weighting an '03 Malibu
I am looking to get a completely new ballast system in my 03 Malibu 23lsv. I am planning on ripping all the original ballast out and putting bags in the rear and bow. I want everything hidden and all controlled by the dash. I want to achieve a very poppy vertical wake, but still keep it clean, and wondering if yall have any suggestion on which bags and where. Also if you have any pictures of a wake with a similar year/hull that would be extremely helpful. I know the extra weight could be hard on the motor so i am willing to re-prop.

Thanks for any help or suggestions

spencerwm 02-11-2013 9:03 AM

Run the Fly High Integrated Bow Sac up front, a Fly High Center Locker Bag in the ski locker and a Fly High Fat Sac in each rear locker. You can fill the rear bags as much as you need to get your desired wake shape. Do you have the wedge? That will help create a little steeper wake as well.

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