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ktm525 02-08-2013 3:57 AM

2013 mb 23wb
Ok so I am picking up a Phase 5 Trident tomorrow. We just bought the boat a month ago. I set it up with one tank full and everyone (6) on one side. Wake was huge but short. Looking for suggestions. I have heard to fill both tanks put 600-800 in locker and plate half way down. Any other ideas.
Thanks in advance.

22vdrive 02-08-2013 5:19 AM

Go faster

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wakedaveup 02-08-2013 5:56 AM

Did you put any weight in the bow? Or just loaded rear tank? Load a little in the front and should push the wave back a little.

ktm525 02-08-2013 6:20 AM

I have 320 pounds of lead in the front

ktm525 02-08-2013 6:21 AM

Do i need to fill only one tank. I saw somewhere a guy filled both tanks and added 600 on the side you are surfing.

shawndoggy 02-08-2013 6:44 AM

How fast? The faster you go the longer the wave. We surf at 11.5 -12.

Fill both tanks, then while underway, open the non-surf-side tank until the wave cleans up. Then close it.

Goofy side needs a bit more non-surf-side weight than regular side in my experience.

runin90lx 02-08-2013 7:16 AM

650 v bow sac for front, 750 in locker, put your 320 lead under the side seats. Fill surf side tank full, and non surf side tank 1/3 to 1/2 full. Surf around 11 to 11.5 Mph. If you have a plate lower it down 1/4.

runin90lx 02-08-2013 7:19 AM

This was my very first trip(and last due to winter). I will be redoing my ballast setup this year. Actually fixing to order my bags next week. But u get an idea how the weight helps


ktm525 02-08-2013 7:23 AM

Thanks for all the advice. We were surfing at 10.6. I guess first thing is to speed up. I appreciate all the advice.

runin90lx 02-08-2013 7:23 AM


Lots of links to a great setup toward bottom of this page. "Surf fresh" and "somepeteguy on mob owners site" have slightly different sit-ups but both make a great wave

Jdog 02-28-2013 4:51 PM

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I have a 2012 and it is pretty dialed in. The first thing you are going to think is that this is too much weight. However, i assure you the boat handles it REALLY well, and I can now switch between regular and goofy in about 60 seconds. This boat just has a lot of freeboard, so it can handle a lot more weight. Here is the setup:

First, Fill up all three of these:

1. 1400 Enzo Sac going up regular side
2. 1000 lb in back locker of regular side
6. 750 v sac in front

Second, fill up the internal ballast tank on the side you want to surf and move 500lb of lead under the middle seat of the side you want to surf.

Trim tab is around half.

Then, all I have to do is move the pop bags to the regular or goofy side and fill or empty the internal ballasts (which takes about 60 seconds) to switch sides.

These or not the best pictures, since they were taken with an Iphone, but here are the regular and goofy pictures sixty seconds apart:

Attachment 28037

Attachment 28038

ktm525 02-28-2013 5:14 PM

I have a friend that surf's a lot. He is going to help us get it dialed in on Sunday. Right now I have 320 of lead in front. 200 lbs of lead in each rear locker. I am also bring a 750 fat sack for rear locker. We will have 8 people in boat. I guess we will see how it goes.

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