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ixfe 02-05-2013 11:54 PM

Black / Yellow Supra SA = Sickness!!
I stumbled across these pics tonight on FB, so I thought I'd share. This has to be the sickest Supra SA I've ever seen. Looks like they are getting ready for the Los Angeles Boat Show (my home town).

I've sure seen some loud color schemes on the SA lately. I saw a black / electric green one recently that was crazy as well... wish I could find the pic.

I'm curious... what have the SA's been like at your local shows??



jfergus7 02-06-2013 12:32 AM

I know I didn't see anything that loud at the Chicago show. Will have to go back and look through the pics and see what they had. I can't decide if I like this color scheme or not.

murphy_smith 02-06-2013 5:21 AM

Not my style but I have to say that, that is a good looking color scheme.

willyt 02-06-2013 5:21 AM

color schemes are all personal opinion... i'll throw it out there that i think that boat is uuuuuuuuuugly.

Now, there was a gunmetal flake/black boat at the cincinnati show. boat looked really good.... but still missing some of the fit and finish i expected from a boat at that price. Judging that it pretty much looks exactly like an MXZ, i would have thought they could have passed along some of the savings from eliminating the design of an original model ;)

shawndoggy 02-06-2013 6:00 AM

I like that one too!

tyler97217 02-06-2013 7:22 AM

I saw this pic on FB and really dig it as well. That two tone boatmate trailer really sets it off!!!

polarbill 02-06-2013 8:06 AM

The SA at the seattle boat show was outside in the rain and you couldn't look in it. I was dissapointed. I wanted to get in the boat.

IXFE, shane sent me that pic yesterday. That is a sick looking boat. By the way if anybody gets the chance to meet Shane he is a good guy. I can see why Skiers choice went after him.

cjh1669 02-06-2013 9:13 AM

The SA450 at the Denver show was nice looking, but sooo over priced. They were asking almost as much as the asking price for the 24 MXZ at the show, and the MXZ had the 555hp engine and was fully loaded.

michridr69 02-06-2013 9:17 AM

was hoping for a Real all black and Real yellow :(

mark197 02-06-2013 1:57 PM

Here you go.


JamesHawk101 02-06-2013 5:06 PM

Here is your real black and yellow. ;)

supra24ssv 02-06-2013 6:44 PM


Originally Posted by JamesHawk101 (Post 1805263)
Here is your real black and yellow. ;)

I looked at natiques at the boat show, very nice, but that to me is not near as good looking as the supra

ixfe 02-06-2013 8:36 PM

That G23 is okay, but the graphic looks too "busy" to me.

michridr69 02-07-2013 11:57 AM

Supra! If that had a black hull that would look 1000000X claener!! And the best looking ship Ive ever seen.

tn_rider 02-07-2013 6:22 PM

That black and yellow G is by far the ugliest one I've seen yet. Looks like a deck boat and a wakeboard boat had babies. I love the G's but that thing is hideous. It's all JMO....sucks that you have to put IMO after everything on this site not to get eaten by the sharks lol.

polarbill 02-07-2013 6:28 PM

black and yellow=good
white and yellow=bad
white, black and yellow=middle of the road although that G is not very good looking in my opinion. At least not on that weird trailer. Maybe it will look better in the water. I think those graphics are pretty terrible as well.

tn_rider 02-07-2013 6:29 PM

^^^agreed. Too much white and yellow=deck boat look.

Alleykat 02-07-2013 7:13 PM

I like the Malibu windshield they put on that G.

ixfe 02-07-2013 7:27 PM


Originally Posted by tn_rider (Post 1805530)
^^^agreed. Too much white and yellow=deck boat look.

Agree on that G23... not good. But I wouldn't say that all yellow/white/black combos are bad. Check out this boat. My buddy just bought this on Wednesday and it's stunning in person (and in pics).

BTW... it's got an LS3 in it. :eek:


alexair 02-08-2013 1:59 AM

^^ the yellow colors are not good for each other IMHO (parking lines much better)

michridr69 02-08-2013 6:04 AM

Just cant seem to like white hulls.

jfergus7 02-08-2013 6:25 AM


Originally Posted by alexair (Post 1805567)
^^ the yellow colors are not good for each other IMHO (parking lines much better)

I agree! Why would anyone order 2 different shades of yellow like that. Glad your buddy likes it and congrats to him on the new boat but personally think that might be the worst Wake Setter colors I have ever seen.

willyt 02-08-2013 7:34 AM

yea... 2 shades of yellow are awful....

ixfe 02-08-2013 8:15 AM

Guys, that is not two shades of yellow. It's just the lighting. Malibu only makes one shade of yellow. LOL.

ixfe 02-08-2013 8:16 AM

Back on topic...

I found the lime green SA pics I mentioned previously. IMO, this is the sickest SA I've seen.



michridr69 02-08-2013 8:27 AM


Bamabonners 02-08-2013 8:37 AM

I love the metallic charcoal... on ANY boat.

chriscno 02-08-2013 11:10 AM

The green one looks the best

jfergus7 02-08-2013 11:57 AM

Now that Supra I like!

supra24ssv 02-09-2013 9:17 AM

never mind

h20king 02-09-2013 12:37 PM

1 Attachment(s)
How about this one ?? white and silver flake = clean just need to lose the sponsor stickers

ixfe 02-09-2013 12:56 PM

I recognize that boat. It was at the Portland show last month. Sooo clean.

snowboardcorey 02-09-2013 1:31 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are two from the MPLS boat show, a worlds and a red metal flake.

ixfe 02-09-2013 4:52 PM

Man... that white Worlds Edition is growing on me FAST! Still love the lime green/charcoal one the best. But the white one is a very close 2nd.

Did anybody go see the yellow one at the LA Boat Show? How's it look in person??

migs 02-09-2013 5:09 PM

^^^^ wow so clean

simplej 02-09-2013 5:13 PM

These SA's are hot

chrisbucklin 02-11-2013 3:07 AM

Man i love the yellow! Kinda wish i wouldn't have gone with the worlds...really like it..next time!

koolwhip 02-11-2013 1:32 PM

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Heres a pic of one i saw at the Charlotte boat show. Sorry about the crappy iphone pic, but i figured those of you who like black on black would appreciate this.

ixfe 02-11-2013 2:07 PM

^^^ Looks like a boat made just for Tyler!


tyler97217 02-11-2013 2:45 PM

Damn. On my phone and can't really see it. Will have to check that one out tomorrow.

bruizza 02-13-2013 12:32 PM

Until the local Supra dealer gets real on pricing it isn't even an option here in Colorado. The "boat show special" price on an SA450 was 109k. The 24MXZ with the 555hp motor that was 100ft away was 115k.

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