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Shewchuk 02-05-2013 7:13 PM

Wheel Dollies for Moving Boat &Trailer in Garage
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Hey everyone, when our boat is not in winter storage its other home is the garage. Being that the garage is only a 22'x22' its a tight fit for our 2008 SKI SUPREME V212 boat.

With the enormous platform removed and the folding trailer hitch pushed away, we are able to back the boat in the garage.

This task is not easy and must be done with care and patience.

I recently seen these:


We were thinking the 12" width would be good as the dollies come in 8" 12" & 16"

They are a heavy duty wheel dolly system that will handle a total weight of 10,000lbs using all four wheel dollies on the tandem axle trailer.

Our boat+ trailer weighs approx 4900lbs

We noticed that the auto dolly system comes in a standard set as well, but noticed that the weight rating is only at 6000lbs (using four) and that the casters are a small diameter than the heavy duty ones.

I thought if we ever wanted to move the Ford F-150 around the standard dollies would be too weak

Thats why we think the heavy duty would be better and make that placement in the garage so much easier as this is not a fun thing to do when we come home from the lake.

Sometimes all we need to move the boat is 4" horizontally and this requires the driver of the truck to "TRY AGAIN"

Has anyone used this brand of wheel dolly system or heard of any other systems?

Note: We do not mind having to jack the wheels up to place the stands under the jack, as we already do this to straighten out the torsion axles from that evil flex they receive when backing the boat into the garage at its sideways angle.

Thanks for reading

williamburell 02-06-2013 2:37 AM

Same issue at my house. I gave up on using mine for permanent storage since its a 20x20 but a double layer of thin plastic under the rear tires works miracles for me. Looks like you have more "wiggle room" than mine did. I think you could back that thing in pretty fast with some practice.

SkySki 02-06-2013 5:14 AM

My buddy moves his 22' Regal around in his garage with those casters. He says the only thing he has a problem with is the cracks in the concrete. He is on flat ground from outside to the back of the garage. I however have a slight slope in my driveway, so I use a power mover. I got tired of having to reconnect to the truck as well. I have a different issue (height of garage door) that makes using the power mover work for me.

tampawake 02-06-2013 6:39 AM

I know our local Tige dealer uses go jacks to move there boats around their showroom. Not sure which ones but I know he is real happy with them.

Truekaotik 02-06-2013 8:21 AM

I have the black version of those and my boat ( avalanche) destroyed the casters trying to move it sideways 5 feet... It's worth a try but don't be mad when they collapse :)

john 02-06-2013 9:22 AM

Those look like the ones I have. I think mine are the 12" heavy duty version in black. I have used them for several years without issue. A liberal dose of silicone lubricant on the casters once a year and they still roll and change direction fairly easily. I wish the wheel on the trailer jack was as smooth.

Shewchuk 02-06-2013 10:31 AM

These black wheel dollies are made by auto dolly? Or just look like the auto dolly set I have pictured above? I was thinking using these would make our garage parking arrangement much easier?

tampawake 02-06-2013 11:06 AM


Here is the link to the go jacks. If these would work for you it would be much easier and they are built rugged for tow trucks.

RanchDweller 02-06-2013 11:58 AM

They are called hydraulic vehicle positioning jacks.


I bought the cheap version of the Go Jak. They hydraulicly squeeze the tire to lift them off the ground. I have been using them for 3 years now in my garage. I even leave them under the tires for winter storage. I need to move my boat in my garage evertime i use it. They work great with the dual axle trailer.

ottog1979 02-06-2013 1:59 PM

I bought & used these. Great price, worked just fine.

Shewchuk 02-06-2013 6:12 PM

I noticed a lot of these dollies have a combined rating of 6000lbs using 4 dollies as a system. Our boat+Trailer combo weighing in at that 5000lbs plus or minus makes me wonder if we are getting too close to the MAX load? That is why I seen the HEAVY DUTY "Auto Dolly" system as a good system. Primarily based on the MAX capacity of 10 000lbs on (4) and the larger diameter casters!

camassanger 02-06-2013 9:49 PM

I use those exact ones. They work perfectly.

john 02-07-2013 9:21 AM

I took a look at mine last night. They are not Auto Dolly brand, they are Tire Skates.


I stand by my comments though - they have served me well for several years!

ldr 02-07-2013 2:17 PM

here is a thread on my situation.


bought the harbor freight ones, thought i would have a hard time moving over cracks but no problem.

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