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airzemee 02-02-2013 10:12 AM

New boat behind the fairly new tow rig...
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So i had posted a picture of my new f150 ecoboost a while ago, not sure if any of you remember, but with a promise of a new boat behind it. well i finally pulled the trigger...
heres my truck again..

then i bought a 2013 axis a22, recon edition. you have noooooo idea how torturous it is to have this brand new beast of a boat sitting in my driveway waiting for late spring to come lol! :( have the pnp with 750s in the back, then i have a couple of old 350 tube sacs from my ski nautique that i plan to use as extra in my bow as ive read from several sources these axis's love bow weight. only plan to use these when surfing or when i really want to break myself while boarding. my bud has a extra 750 sac i might pic up to throw on the surf side seat for a even bigger surf wake as well!

johnny_defacto 02-02-2013 11:54 AM

That is one sick looking set up. Congratulations, you have the best wake and boat for the price in the market, imo. And yes, that boat loves bow weight. Post some pics when you get her on the water.

joeshmoe 02-02-2013 12:19 PM

Looks like a $100,000.00 setup!

airzemee 02-02-2013 12:45 PM

Thanks guys!
I wish it was only 100,000! haha, I bought both brand new so i took full price hit on both.. but I have a permasmile on for sure! It will be even more when i can actually get it out on the water!!

slowwwflowww 02-02-2013 3:03 PM

Now that's something to be proud of!!i'm liking axis more and more lately.Boat of choice at BroStock

boardman74 02-02-2013 3:10 PM

Looks great.

JayManAR 02-02-2013 3:18 PM

Looks amazing! I'll be riding behind my '13 A20 for the first time here in a couple months. Those recons are ridiculously sick.

airzemee 02-03-2013 11:33 AM

thanks guys!!! so stoked!! congrats on ur new a20!!! This boat is fully loaded to the nines, i wish it was at least nice enough to sit in it lol!!! will post more pictures when i can take the cover off and dip it in the water!

simplej 02-03-2013 1:55 PM

Absolutely dirty rig

ixfe 02-03-2013 2:18 PM

Wow, Aaron! That is the sickest Axis I've ever seen!

saceone 02-03-2013 5:21 PM

Awesome combo man

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