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tn_rider 01-30-2013 5:01 PM

My new ride!
Had an 02 VLX when I was 18 and sold it to upgrade. I put a deposit on this 07 23LSV and couldnt be happier!!!http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/01/31/y7ugyhat.jpg

slowwwflowww 01-30-2013 5:09 PM

Very nice!!Congrats!

boardman74 01-30-2013 5:35 PM

Nice looking boat!!

cwb4me 01-30-2013 5:41 PM

Great looking boat! I like the blue.

bryce2320 01-30-2013 5:49 PM

The boat looks great!!! Congrats man!!

zacharoo 01-30-2013 6:43 PM

I think its one of their best years in terms of styling and tower...good looking boat.

DatTexasBoy 01-30-2013 6:45 PM

Good looking boat. Bet your Stoked!!!

dhill 01-30-2013 7:28 PM

great looking boat. congrats!

jonyb 01-30-2013 7:46 PM

Looks good Chase!!!!! Holler when you're ready to bring it up this way.

Laker1234 01-30-2013 8:27 PM

Sweet ride!!!

biggator 01-30-2013 9:38 PM

Very nice.. I just traded an 06 LSV - was a GREAT boat for us.

stxr_racer 01-30-2013 11:21 PM


priszkid 01-30-2013 11:27 PM

Nice upgrade man! Congrats on the new ride

jonblarc7 01-31-2013 7:02 AM

How high is you garge door. I'm looking to get an LSV in the future to replace my supra 24V its to big to fit in most garages.

Love the boat!!!!!

tn_rider 01-31-2013 7:23 AM

The garage in the pic is the previous owners. I pick her up on the 8th then she will be tucked away here next to her new friends 😃

newwhit 01-31-2013 7:33 AM


Originally Posted by zacharoo (Post 1804109)
I think its one of their best years in terms of styling and tower...good looking boat.


wakereviews 01-31-2013 7:39 AM

Great looking 23LSV. Congrats!!!

tn_rider 01-31-2013 8:09 AM

Also, jonblarc7 the previous owner did state when he ordered the boat he had the trailer company lower the trailer as much as possible to make sure it fit under the standard garage. I hope that helps some. When I pick it up ill measure for you.

jonblarc7 01-31-2013 8:46 AM

Sounds good thanks I wish I had somewhere like that to put my boat!!!

mattgettel 01-31-2013 8:46 AM

Damn good looking boat! I have an 04 and love everything about it.

migs 01-31-2013 9:36 AM

sharp LSV. Congrats

tyler97217 01-31-2013 10:03 AM

Nice work. Congrats!

scotthons 01-31-2013 4:01 PM

Sweet boat! Congrats on the upgrade!

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