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rexlex01 01-27-2013 12:07 PM

Which model year 210 to get?
On a budget what was the best years to get a used where the quality was very competitive.

rexlex01 01-27-2013 12:16 PM

found some info.: " 2001- Correct Craft at some point does away with true wrap around seating for the "stadium seating." It is also the first year of the 3 piece rear hatch.

In 2002 The deck was redesigned to make more room, the sloped transom of the 01 and previous SS now had a more squared off look it. The boat received a new interior vinyl pattern, which disappeared in 2003. This is also the last year that the PCM GT-40 was offered. 2002 also marked the first of the "Team" edition boats, this package included Kicker audio speakers, wedge tanks, and an optional center ballast. 2002 Also brought a new gelcoat pattern. The buyer could now choose: deck, hull, primary, secondary, and third stripe colors.

In 2003, the SAN saw another dash and interior, these two elements would stay with the boat for the rest of it's run. The Super Air Nautique was also renamed the "210" a name which was reverted mid season back to "Super Air 210" due to consumer outcry. 2003 is widely regarded as a favorite year due to the fact that it contains the best of the new model (04-05) boats + a colored deck (2003 was the final year of production for this.) the actuated trunk covers. 2003 was also the final year of the Python 502 motor in the Super Air and the first year that the PCM Excalibur 330 became standard. This year the CD player was also re-located to the glovebox.

2004- brought us the 3rd generation of the FCT, this was the first year since 2000 that one could no longer order a colored deck. The 2004 boats also saw a new latching system on the back hatches to replace the actuated doors. These are referred to as the "knee busters." 2004 also did away with the 3rd stripe. The SAN from this point on only had Hull, Primary, and Secondary color options.

2005- Correct Craft reverts to the second generation FCT tower. The team edition boats are now outfitted with Polk Momo, and for the first time boats come from the factory with exposed speaker grills. In either 2004 or 2005 (or somewhere in-between those years.) CC added more reinforcement to the bow to make the boat less likely to porpoise.

2006- Correct Craft once again names the 210 the "210 Air" The '06 brought many changes, the most drastic being the new PCM- V-drive transfer case. This new V-drive replaced the Walters unit. The PCM V-drive was smaller, but also changed the prop rotation to a clockwise(right hand rotation.) Along with those changes the problematic "Helm control" system was replaced all together, they used Jabsco ballast puppies (auto reversible pumps.) so there is one pump per tank. The new ballast system drains the water under the hull and as a result the ballast overflow/and drain ports on the hull were eliminated. 2006 also brought a new fourth generation flight control tower. Which seemed to be a modified version of the new SAN220 tower. due to the differences in beam width, the new FCT4 for the SAN has additional bracing. They also elongated the windshield...

In 2007 CC killed off the SAN that we all loved and had loved for over a decade.

To answer your question, the hull has not changed from 1995 when the first Super Sport Nautique rolled off the floor. There were only changes to the deck, and various other trim and mechanical changes. Still one of my favorite hulls. My list of changes is not exactly comprehensive but to my knowledge it is fairly close. "

madcityskier 01-27-2013 2:53 PM

To my understanding they didn't kill off the SAN, the updated the hull. My neighbor has an 08 SAN210, that I spend considerable time on. It's a great boat for a wide range of watersports, that truely excels at wake boarding. Depending on your budget you may be looking at the older hull.

slowwwflowww 01-27-2013 4:09 PM

Onlyinboards has a 2001 210 w/wetsounds485s 950hrs for$ 23,000

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