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cowwboy 01-25-2013 2:04 PM

Dog life jackets
My fiance got a maltese for Chirstmas and my boxers jacket has seen better days to.
So time to look for doggies jackets. I'd like to get a nicer looking neo jacket that has a grab handle on the top. I'm leaning twords the CWB jacket and was wondering what everyone else had.
My boxer likes to chill on the back deck and has lost her balance a time or two so it's manditory for them http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphoto...88775922_n.jpg

nautiquesonly 01-26-2013 5:16 PM

cwb makes them in neoprene for the little dogs. not sure about the big ones.

monkey_butt 01-28-2013 7:53 AM

Got the same one as in the picture ... Works for 2 of my dogs but the 3rd one really likes to swim - so pulling an 85 pound GSD out of the water with the handle is not lasting more than a season. Thought about reinforcing the strap - double stitching etc. but it's just not meant to lift that much.

What I've seen are the neoprenes hunters are using but haven't used one myself

cowwboy 01-28-2013 8:08 AM

That handle is starting to rip also. I'll have to look into the hunting places.
Now to train her to bark when someone falls, but she just doesn't like to bark at all. Guess I shouldn't complain about that though.

PureWakesurfing1 01-28-2013 8:10 AM

I have an Outward Hound life jacket for my 50lb lab. I take her out ocean surfing with me about 5-10 times a year for the past 4 years, and the grab handle and buckles are all still in tact. If the water gets too rough or she gets tired I can pick her up by the handle without a problem.

I just bought a Ruffwear K-9 float coat online after seeing one in person but haven't used it yet. Looks really well made but is a bit more expensive.

Bumpass1 01-28-2013 8:32 AM

Bass Pro and Cabelas have them also. I'm sure Gander Mountain sells them also. My buddy had one from Bass Pro for his German Sheppard that was pretty nice.

PureWakesurfing1 01-28-2013 8:33 AM

This red one I found on the link below looks pretty cool too, has more floatation padding, but couldn't tell online how the handle would hold up. http://www.thedogoutdoors.com/ezydog-dog-life-vest.html

And just for fun, here's a pic of my lab when she was a pup stylin her first vest while waiting to go for a ride on the jet ski! http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g6...ps739ebdb2.jpg

cowwboy 01-28-2013 8:43 AM

That is cute. Good looking dog.

monkey_butt 01-28-2013 3:22 PM

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@Jasin - it's usually not a problem that they need a ton of floatation ... except the dog is really nervous when in the water - both my shepherds can rest on my arms and relax when I'm in the water (they just don't know how much water I gotta tread but ...) the neoprene provide more flex than the link you provided or the red one in the first picture.

On the other hand if something happens - you'll probably have your hands full anyway - so knowing that the dogs are safe is important ;-)

PureWakesurfing1 01-28-2013 9:36 PM

Nice pic with the shades! Yea, my dogs aren't nervous in the water, they would stay out there all day if I let them and just paddle around together. They go on 100 yard retrieves routinely without a jacket, but if the boat sunk or something I definitely want them to have the best vest I can find. I actually don't have them in a jacket all the time, just when I'm riding behind the boat but I should probably make them wear them all the time just in case. They are calmer with the vests on too.

Anyone else got dog jacket pics?

behindtheboat 01-28-2013 10:37 PM

Ruffwear hands down. But I would get the Big Eddy which I guess they are obsoleteing. It is cut for swimming, safety and comfort. Floats my 65lber fine.


LFMCrider6 01-29-2013 7:29 AM

CWB dog jacket
I was down in NC and picked up a CWB one for our 7 pound Minpin and the did have bigger sizes. The jacket is super nice fits tight and floats great.

cowwboy 01-29-2013 7:50 AM

I like the Ruffwear stuff. Hopefully this week I can go look at the CWB at a local shop. But I'm leaning towards to ruffwear stuff.

behindtheboat 01-29-2013 12:38 PM

I wouldn't waste your time. The CWB won't compare, it's an accessory product to them, when it's part of Ruffwear's service dog product offering.

john 01-29-2013 12:41 PM

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The girls modeling their Ruffwear life jackets. At 90lbs each we never have a problem hoisting them on the swimstep by the grab handle. But I see the newer models have an even stouter handle. http://www.ruffwear.com/-9-float-coat?sc=2&category=694

nautiquesonly 01-29-2013 7:39 PM

I would go cwb for the small dog. My buddy has been using his for 3 or 4 seasons and it still looks new and floats great. The big dogs can handle the bulkier stiffer material better than the little guy can. His Morkie doesn't mind the cwb vest at all.

cowwboy 01-30-2013 12:28 PM

That and the new CWB looks nicer which will keep the fiance' happy.

brianl 01-30-2013 5:21 PM

Ruff gear for sure. We have a Weimar and Duck Tolling Retriever both have had their vests for ten years with no problems. Both dogs weigh about 80lbs.

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