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fullspeed 01-19-2013 10:10 PM

RV Show in Gilroy Ca
Hey everyone we usually attend the Pleasanton RV show in Ca., but this year we decided to stay clear of it. See Grins RV, our family owned dealership is having a Free RV Show this Jan. 18th -27th. We have a pretty large dealership. If you are looking for an RV or know a friend that is we have approximately 350 New and Used RV. We have $50K in Manufacture's Discounts and our Deep Dealer Discounts, plus saving a $80K not being a part of the Pleasanton Show we have incredible deals to pass on. Free Parking, Free Entrance and Free Food (burgers and hotdogs)

We have all the Heartland RV... Landmark, Big Country, Big Horn, Greystone, Elkridge, Sundance, North Trail, Wilderness, Cyclone, Roadwarrior, Thor Class B/C Citation and Chateau, Roadtrek, Element, Eclipse Attitude, Mavric, Eclipse Evolution, Coleman, Skyline SkyCat, Retro, White Water, Keystone Outback and Hundreds of used RV for sale by owner.

Here is our website. It doesn't show the discounts, but the photobucket link does show some.

Here is 257 photos taken of our RV show.

See Grins RV
7900 Arroyo Circle in Gilroy Ca. 95020

See Grins RV is in the old Gilroy Wal-mart off the frontage road. Right next to the Gilroy Outlets.

fullspeed 01-19-2013 10:26 PM

Here is the correct link to the RV Show Photos with some of the discount Window sticker prices. Sorry the first one was taken on Jan 5th. This one was take at the show on the 19th. 257 photos. The photos are not the best on the indoor shots.

Shawn 01-20-2013 1:17 PM

Sweet, there is an RV show close to my home!...How many different manufactures dealer reps will be there?...and there must be all of the latest models fully loaded...along with independent merchants and vendors showcasing the latest in RV gadgets and accessories...and seminars on the industry, along with all the different sales reps to describe why their model is the best to be able to do independent comparisons...and an opportunity to network with the leading players in the industry ...along with info on the latest trends in the industry...

...or is it just some balloons, hot dogs and a glorified "sale"?

You guys have a great business and I plan to stop in soon, but individual dealerships having a "sale" and calling it a "show" is an insult to the consumers...good luck though.

fullspeed 01-20-2013 7:09 PM

The RV show is a true RV Show. Yes, The Manufacture's are there talking about their RV's. We have $50k Manufacture's money toward discounts and we have taken alot of our profit out of the deal to give to the buyer. Free gifts with purchase and so on. Yes only Free Burgers and Hot dogs for the Show, these are good burgers and hot dogs pre-made stuff, plus they are free not $8 for a hot dog.

fullspeed 01-21-2013 2:23 PM

Shawn we have our own RV Tv show. Here is our latest show #10.


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