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LukeR103 01-17-2013 4:21 PM

Standerd Wake Mag
Does anybody know where I can buy some old issues?

steezyshots 01-18-2013 9:44 AM

Good luck! Those will be collector items in 20 years

ttrigo 01-18-2013 2:15 PM

I have all of them. They could be had for the right price, plus shipping. Pm me an offer.

captain_vilfo 01-18-2013 4:22 PM

I use mine as toilet paper, cheaper option than charmin

LukeR103 01-21-2013 6:52 PM

no luck
Well does anybody else have any ideas?
I PM'd that one guy but never got a response, and captain_vilfo must not have ever bought TP... it's a shame that such a good mag is no longer around. Way before it's time

ttrigo 01-21-2013 9:56 PM

I replied to your pm. Check again.
If i get rid of them, i get rid of all of them, and not just a few. I want them to go as a set.

mikeym 01-22-2013 4:56 PM

You might want to contact Joey Meddock through his website, if there are some still around he should know.

solo 01-24-2013 4:41 PM


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