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WakeDirt 01-15-2013 5:04 PM

Free speedo app to calibrate PP?
What's a good, free, speedo app you guys have used for PP calibration?

wakebordr11 01-15-2013 5:37 PM

I used gps speedo

madcityskier 01-15-2013 6:08 PM

On Android I like speed gauge, as it displays to tenths. Assuming our course is to specs a stop watch shows it to be accurate.

WakeDirt 01-15-2013 6:27 PM

I have iphone, thanks for the replies

Bumpass1 01-15-2013 8:11 PM

I have an iPhone also and I used adaptunes. Worked well for me

boardman74 01-15-2013 10:01 PM

Handheld GPS!

chpthril 01-16-2013 6:02 AM

Garmin or Tom Tom nav unit.

jafo9 01-16-2013 6:46 AM

sea tow has a free app with a speedo

scotthons 01-16-2013 8:37 AM

I have not had a chance to try it yet, but I picked up Boat Speed.

get_sum 01-16-2013 6:18 PM

On my iPhone I use "digital speedometer". It's free and shows down to the tenth.

Giddyup 01-16-2013 7:25 PM

i use speedometer pro
free and works well
easy to read


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