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malibu 01-13-2013 9:01 AM

wax on wakesurf boards
From the pictures I am seeing some riders are opting for wax rather than front traction on their wakesurf boards. I love the way the boards look with out front traction (like the ocean boards). I am curious how well the wax works for wakesurfing. Does it get messy in the boat when it is really hot outside? Do you have the same grip as you do with traction? What brand of wax do you

vman 01-13-2013 11:47 AM

Sue. The wax works well for wake surfing. It does take a little while to get use to the feel. As long as you keep the deck of the board out of direct sunlight, or in a sock, you should not get wax on the cushions. There are a few good brands on the market. We have been riding with Sticky Bumps. They have a tropical wax for warm water and one for cold water. And a new one out now called 'punt' wax. Very tacky stuff.


malibu 01-13-2013 12:45 PM

Thanks Mike! I will have to try some Sticky Bumps on my Soulcraft Jetty and see how it works for me. I like the way you can see the design on Angie and your new green Soulcraft boards.

dennish 01-13-2013 1:07 PM

Sue Agenda Traction Co makes a whole bunch of different temp. waxes. Contact David Field at sdwakesports@gmail.com

malibu 01-13-2013 4:30 PM

Thanks Dennis! I will check out Agenda too.

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