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carter134 01-09-2013 7:03 PM

what bindings are these ?
what bindings are these ? saw harley riding them in a video not to sure what they are ? not on lf web site and when i googled limited edition harley and nothing came up ?

01-09-2013 7:36 PM

Wheres the pic?

durty_curt 01-09-2013 9:04 PM

Oh yeah I've seen those boots before... :p

austin 01-10-2013 1:38 PM

Hard to say with no pic lol, but the video you saw may have contained some old footage.

2013 - green/blue Harleys on white Harley (or black Harley Grind)
2012 - white/grey/green Harleys on white/grey/green Harley (rode LF Peak during Red Bull's cable event, not sure with what bindings)
2011 - blue/pink/black Harleys on white/black/blue/pink/yellow Harley
2010 - black Sovens on white Watson Classic
2009 - red/white Sovens on black Watson (or black Soven LTDs on black Watson)
2008 - Harley who? :P j/k

You will occasionally see videos where he is riding the next year's board or bindings with the current year's board or bindings.

carter134 01-10-2013 2:59 PM

sorry it is the boot in this picture on his 2013 board


JoLo_Si 01-11-2013 9:52 AM

They are probably 2014 Prototypes. Saw a pic of Rusty working on his 2014 stuff like yesterday on instagram.

jfergus7 01-16-2013 2:52 PM

Not a facebook member so I cant see the picture.

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