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monroeyd 01-06-2013 11:36 AM

OJ 466 VS Acme 2249
So I got the Acme 2249. I did a little performance comparison between it and the OJ 466. The boat is a Supra 24 SSV with the big block and the plate all the way up. There was 1 adult, two kids and 225 lbs of lead in the boat when empty. Here is what I found:

OJ 466 Acme 2249
Specs - 14.25X14, cup .090 Specs - 15X14.25, cup .105

Speed (MPH) RPM Speed RPM
20 2420 20 2310
24 2650 24 2500
25 2750 25 2580
30 3300 30 3040
WOT 42.3 4990 WOT 43.5 4790

Loaded with about 3100 lbs including lead
Time is until Perfect Pass beeps

466 2249
Speed RPM Time Speed RPM Time
24 3030 10.5 Sec 24 2770 9.1 sec

Needless to say I'm stickin' with the 2249. I would have gotten more info but it was 32 degrees when we did this comparison and I had a 3 and a 5 year old with me. They were great assistants tho. Thanks to Spencer and Jason at Wakemakers for the great info and help. They definately know their stuff.

spencerwm 01-07-2013 10:31 AM

Thanks Monroe. I am stoked that the prop performed well for your application. We are extremely happy with the performance of the Acme 2249. Diameter is king.

monroeyd 06-10-2013 1:11 PM

Just a little update on the 2249 prop. We've put about 25 hrs on the boat so far and our GPH's have dropped by a little more than 1. The prop will pay for itself before the year is up. Also, the wake, for whatever reason, stays cleaner and more consistent. If you have the room for a 15" prop, I'd definitely give it a try. Happy boating.

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