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bryce2320 01-05-2013 8:22 PM

I need new upholstery ideas!!!
I've decided on redoing all the upholstery in my boat. I was wanting some ideas on keeping it classy looking. I'm thinking about going with a silver carbon fiber vinyl for the top back rail that is grey now. Then a grey or black on the bottom vertical seat front and the carbon fiber silver on the seat bottom horizontal part. I'm thinking staying with a white or slight off white where the white is already. Wanting to do away with the blue and the dark grey color that's on some of it. I'm thinking about pleating (quilted pattern) on the rear ski locker, top of the engine hatch, and the very front upper coushion and on the bow filler I'm going to make. Any opinions and other ideas on making the upholstery look as good as it can would b greatly appreciated.

bryce2320 01-05-2013 8:25 PM

****ty photoshop job we did. We originally thought black where the grey is in the photo, but unless we made the rear ski locker and top of engine cover black and pleated, there wouldn't b any other black in the boat.
Colors we had picked out. Shiny silver is the carbon fiber vinyl I'm wanting to do. The lines should go good with the pleated parts we do

downfortheride 01-05-2013 8:52 PM

You will love the carbon... That stuff shines, my buddie did his whole MB in it and its crazy shiny.

bryce2320 01-05-2013 9:14 PM


Originally Posted by downfortheride (Post 1800797)
You will love the carbon... That stuff shines, my buddie did his whole MB in it and its crazy shiny.

Can u get pics for me please? I was hoping I wasn't doing to much cuz the top rail around the whole boat will b carbon and the top seam of the bottom seat fronts. I don't think I can have to much of it tho cuz it's pretty sick

WakeDirt 01-05-2013 10:13 PM

What does a new interior on an inboard cost?

bryce2320 01-06-2013 7:45 AM


Originally Posted by WakeDirt (Post 1800802)
What does a new interior on an inboard cost?

I've had 3 quotes. 3500 with the carpet included, 5000 just for vinyl, and 1800. You can guess who I went with.

Houstonshark 01-06-2013 9:13 AM

Baller. You spent the 5k just cause you can huh?

downfortheride 01-06-2013 9:39 AM

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Can u get pics for me please?
Just because you asked nicely and spending $5k :D, here you go!
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WakeDirt 01-06-2013 9:40 AM

I bet he paid 5500 hundo just for fun ;) 18 isnt bad at all

bryce2320 01-06-2013 10:34 AM

sorry guys, I forgot a 0 on the 1800. I went with the 18k just cuz I could, thats why I have an 04 :rolleyes::D No 1800 isnt bad at all if they do a awesome job like he said they would. I really like that Tomcat. Simple and classy. The picture probably doesnt do it justice at all. Is the top rail all carbon fiber? I like how its just grey and white tho, definitely something for me to think about! The ol lady liked that interior alot to so thats always good :D

bryce2320 01-06-2013 10:41 AM

Im hoping they can do away with the awful lines on the engine cover and just come around where its just one top piece instead of the line seperating it. Hopefully he can do something else with it so he can pleat the whole top. I want to pleat the seat back right under the glove box and the seat back to the left of it like the newer Tiges. My ol lady thinks thats to much of the quilted look but I disagree. Opinions ???

downfortheride 01-06-2013 12:42 PM

The whole interior is carbon except for the grey... This thing shine a lot more then the pic shows.

bryce2320 01-06-2013 3:54 PM


Originally Posted by downfortheride (Post 1800862)
The whole interior is carbon except for the grey... This thing shine a lot more then the pic shows.

Does his carbon look like the vinyl in my picture above? The pic definitely doesn't show it but I can imagine its sick

downfortheride 01-07-2013 12:02 PM

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Does his carbon look like the vinyl in my picture above?
Yes... I went with your same colors minus the Carbon. I went standard white (It's bright!) for the purpose of easy to clean. Here's a little different option to use your colors.
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jonblarc7 01-07-2013 1:09 PM

Just hope you buy a boat cover too!!!!

bryce2320 01-07-2013 4:38 PM


Originally Posted by jonblarc7 (Post 1801029)
Just hope you buy a boat cover too!!!!

I will.... A 24x30 building:D the sad thing is the boat came with a nice cover and this is how the interior was when I bought it last April

bryce2320 01-07-2013 4:41 PM

Thanks for the pics josh. Both interiors look awesome. My hearts set on the carbon fiber look tho :D

boardman74 01-07-2013 4:58 PM

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Tough to see but the top and the thigh pad are white carbon fiber look.

bryce2320 01-07-2013 6:01 PM

I'm trying to incorporate that boat into my DD. I love that tige. That interior is beautiful

boardman74 01-07-2013 7:02 PM

Thanks. Thats my 13 RZR. Can't wait till spring. We have almost forgotten what it looks like. About time for a trip to the dealer to see her!!

downfortheride 01-08-2013 8:32 PM

I really like the look of that Tige interior!!!

bryce2320 01-09-2013 7:02 PM

Have to make a decision and take the boat in Friday to get started. As of now I'm thinking white and silver carbon fiber. Now I need a grey or something for the vinyl that will b pleated. Still planning on 1 solid color on the rear ski locker that will b all pleated. Top of the engine cover will b the same color as ski locker and pleated. I'm also wanting the back of the seat under glove box and around the seat back to left all pleated but in the white if he can do that. I'm also wanting to pleat the very front bow cushion and I'm going to try to make a center bow cushion that will b all pleated if he can on the white again. I'm still open to options and opinions. It's b a lot easier if it was a v drive.

bryce2320 01-11-2013 3:50 PM

If anyone is still keeping up on this I have yet another revision that I think I'm pretty well set on :D What would it look like if I only had 2 colors, but 4 different vinyls. So the silver carbon fiber and its matching color without the carbon fiber that would be pleated. Then the white carbon fiber and its match white vinyl that would also be pleated when used. The white would have silver stitching, and the silver would have black stitching. Still wanting to do away with the lines white pleated vinyl on the rear ski locker, silver pleated (or white to match ski lockers?) on top of engine. Onthe side panels where the blue and green lines are, I would want to turn those two pieces into just one piece with silver pleated vinyl since the rest of the side panel would be white carbon fiber. In the bow, the very front cushion would be pleated silver vinyl, and the bow filler cushion Im going to make would be a pleated white vinyl. On the sides of the bow seats, where the blue and green is, I want to do that pleated white vinyl too. I think it would look great but its hard to say til I see it done. Hopefully I can get a few yes's so I can go ahead with this project Honest opinions would be awesome before I pull the trigger on it. Sorry for being so indecisive and dragging this out

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