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gti2lo 01-04-2013 8:39 AM

Toronto Boat Show Jan 12-20th-
The Toronto Boat show is coming up and every year that make a huge indoor lake and setup a Sesitec System 2.0 system and some rails. Public is invited to try out wakeboarding but there is also demo sessions where local riders and pros show their stuff and have some fun.

Vince Whiteman put together a great video of last years show (Staring Shaun Murray)

Mastercraft, Nautique seem to have the biggest presence at the show (Buckeye Marine and Pride Marine Group) Tige has really stepped up with Port Sandfield Marine

new G23, 200, 230, 210, X-Star, X-10, X-30 should all be at the show, Tige should also have the RZ2, Z3, RZ4 on display.

Here are some details on the wakeboarding events.
Shaun Murray (January 12-13)
Grant Roberts (January 12-13):
Oli Derome (January 12-13)
Rusty Malinoski (January 18-20)
Reed Hansen (January 18-20)

Will any one else be at the show on the weekend of the 12-13th?

glwake 01-04-2013 6:59 PM

The GL Wake crew will be there and so will Northeast Riders.

See http://www.northeastriders.com/ for updates.

gti2lo 01-05-2013 7:43 PM


We see you guys performing at the show... I am going the VIP night plus maybe on the saturday or a weeknight

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