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BradM07SS 01-04-2013 4:47 AM

Batteries for stereo system?
I currently run 4 group 27 deep cycle batteries for my stereo bank. I want to get back some of that room. Would these batteries work well?


I would probably just run 2 of these.


polarbill 01-04-2013 8:27 AM

Those are made by Deka for Duracell. Those are 12V golf cart batteries which have the same footprint as a group 27(or really close) but are probably 3 inches or so taller. I haven't researched too much about the 12v GC batteries but the 6 volt ones are awesome for a stereo because they have really thick plates. Meaning they are meant for deep cycle type applications. I don't think the 12 V GC has double the RC as the 6V GC's. What I mean is that 2 6V GC's may have a better RC than 2 12v GC's. The nice thing about the 12v GC's is that you can use an odd number of them. Another thing to consider is group 31 Deka/Duracells. They are the same footprint as the 27's but an inch taller. They usually fit in group 27 battery boxes as well. You may be able to get rid of a battery but keep the same RC and 20 AH rating.

boardman74 01-04-2013 8:36 AM

Man I'm curious what kind of stereo you are running that you need 4 group 27 batteries for the stereo alone? Must be a monster or you just use your boat as a raft.

BradM07SS 01-04-2013 8:58 AM


All I'm running is 2 SA15 subs, 8 exile 6.5 and 2 rev 10's.
Amps are:

2 skar audio 125.4 800watts each
1- aq2200 mon amp 2200 watts for the subs

Houstonshark 01-04-2013 9:17 AM

That battery looks pretty similar to the Trojan T-1275.


I've been running 3 of these for my stereo bank since May of last year. I think I paid around $165ea for them which is a pretty good value for 155Ahr.

They worked great though I never really pushed their limit. The longest I ran them with the motor off was for about 8hrs at an average of maybe 75% of the clean, unclipped volume of my system (4500W RMS). During that time, my voltage dropped from 14.3 to 13.6.

I charged them religiously while not on the water with a nice 3 stage charger though I admittedly did not maintain the water level of them very well.

I just pulled 2 of them out that had bad cells. They were swapped out under warranty. Not fun lugging 85lb batteries in and out of the boat.

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