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Laker1234 01-03-2013 6:49 PM

A 75% Tax Rate!!!
You can't make this stuff up http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/fre...8/08/id/447944 What will the French do when all of the wealthy move? http://news.ninemsn.com.au/entertain...ussian-citizen

ord27 01-03-2013 7:08 PM

there were some liberals on the radio today talking about the same thing here in America. They were asked how much of every dollar earned should the wealthiest of the wealthy be allowed to keep and (in their opinion) it be fair.

Their answer was, after the first million earned in a year (taxed at a very high rate), they should only be allowed to keep 30 cents of every dollar.

If this is truly what the Dems and liberals believe to be true equality, we ain't seen nothin yet from this batch of politicians :banghead:

diamonddad 01-03-2013 7:31 PM

IMO, it's a crying shame if anyone gets less than 50 cents of product buying power from a dollar.

FED+STATE+LOCAL+SALES should never ever exceed 50%.

Laker1234 01-03-2013 8:03 PM

How ironic that the rich are starting to flee to Russia when just 30 or so years ago people were trying to get out Russia.

Laker1234 01-03-2013 8:06 PM

. . . get out (of) Russia

01-03-2013 8:06 PM

Now I see why I saw so many expats from Europe in Dubai when I was over there

polarbill 01-03-2013 8:34 PM

In Soviet Russia Car Drives You

magic 01-05-2013 10:35 AM

My brother-in-law is a tax accountant in the UK. When their top bracket went from 40% to 50% less taxes where collected. That increase was enough to drive individuals into finding ways on how to decrease their taxable earnings. People would pay 10,000 in fees to get structures in place to shelter their earnings. More government good thinking.

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