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mjfan23 01-03-2013 2:16 PM

Workout/Diet Advice
I have been working out pretty hard for 6 months... previous to that I rarely ever lifted/ never took it seriously.

I am 6'2 about 185... With my basketball career over, I became very bored not getting daily activity, so i started lifting. I have little to no interest in "bulking up" and would much prefer to be "cut". With that being said what routines do you all do? More importantly what type of foods do you all eat? Cardio daily?

I consistently go to the gym 5 days a week and have a pretty good routine, that I switch up every 3 weeks or so.... Food is my weakness and its time to take that next step. Any healthy food diets? Im not trying to cut weight just lose fat %...

I have done alot of research online and different sites completely contradict each other.. Just curious what has actually worked for you all.

JayManAR 01-03-2013 2:25 PM

I frequent the bodybuilding.com articles to find a new workouts or if I want to change my diet up. There is a lot of helpful info on there. When I get serious about eating right, I try to eat at least 6 meals a day (smaller portions of course) and usually stick to the high-protein, low sodium, low fat foods. Remember, tuna fish and grilled chicken are your friends! And water, water, and more water (cut out the sodas). If you aren't trying to bulk, lower the weight and up the reps. Also, be sure to throw a couple cardio days into the mix..I started focusing more on my leg workouts lately and have seen some really good results.

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