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b_arn24 12-31-2012 7:17 PM

2012 Ronix One ATR or Modello for boat riding?
Was wondering which board would be better for just boat riding. The closest cable park is 5 hours away from where I live so I wouldn't necessarily need the strength of the ATR and didn't know if maybe the lighter Modello would be better. I'm leaning towards the One ATR right now but just wondering what you guys thought?

Bumpass1 12-31-2012 8:39 PM

If you have no intention of ever riding any rails then save the coin and stick with the Modello. If you want to save weight the spend some extra on Timebomb.

b_arn24 01-01-2013 6:46 PM

Thanks I might go with the Modello. Would the Ronix Viva be more forgiving and better suited for a beginner? I've ridden my brothers board like 5 times and it was too big for me so I was looking at getting a board for myself. I'm also open to other suggestions.

skiboarder 01-02-2013 9:51 AM

I always tell people to go with the ATR if they are ever going to hit terrain at all. Plus, all round it is just a tougher product.

I personally ride the TimeBomb, but I have taken quite a few sets on the Viva ATR shape. I really like the Viva and would say it is better for a beginner for the following reasons.

1.) It does not have a variable edge. There is a lot of hype around boards with soft edges in the bellies. They give you more edge to edge forgiveness, but simply don't handle chop as well. For a beginner the snaky feel of a soft-edged board can be tough to manage when you really need consistent approaches to the wake.

2.) The Viva is a faster board. The One is much faster than previous year's shapes, but it is still not a fast board. On your approach to the wake if you come off the gas you are going to lose speed fast. When I see beginners on slower boards flattening off before the wake is the most common problem.

All that said, I ride the Timebomb and love it because it is very aggressive up the wake and very forgiving on the landings. They are both great boards for different reasons, but my advice is the Viva for you.

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