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SangerTom 12-24-2012 4:51 PM

Boat Parade On Land
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So about 12 years ago 3 guys in the neighborhood (I was not one of them) decided to have a boat parade around our little hood. It has grown over the years and on average there are about 20 boats that participate all decorated out. The more hokey the better.

The creators dress up as Santas and ride their mopeds around and block traffic as we wind through our streets for 2 hours. They have a lead flatbed truck broadcasting xmas music and most of us throw candy to the people that step out of their houses to watch and cheer.

Over the last few years, people now have parties in their driveway and wait for us to come by. Nothing is greater than watching the kids staring in wonderment and the adults who have never seen the parade stand there with big grins like they are kids again.

We've participated for about 9 years and we find it funny that we are more excited to find decorations for the boat than house.

Merry Christmas everyone and remember spring is around the corner

dvsone79 12-25-2012 9:04 AM


lfrider139 12-26-2012 7:48 AM

That looks like a good time

Shootthewake 12-26-2012 8:16 AM


Are there more photos to post??

you_da_man 12-26-2012 8:33 AM

Boat parades are always a good time. We did ours the first weekend after Thanksgiving on Belton Lake in Texas. Had 22 boats sign up and 19 participated. This pic was taken at the restaurant overlooking the lake and the shoreline was packed with spectators.


SangerTom 12-26-2012 10:12 AM

Here's a link to a short YouTube someone posted. I'm the second boat passing by. http://youtu.be/dgtZL369ejA

SangerTom 12-26-2012 10:14 AM

AJ - boats look awesome!

tyler97217 12-28-2012 7:11 AM

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That is a cool idea. Portland does a big "Christmas Ships" parade of boats on the river every night near the holidays. It is pretty cool. It is mostly big boats that stay in the water, cause the majority of the rest of us winterize our boats. That is what makes your guys deal pretty cool cause you can still leave your boat winterized and tow around your parade.... Here is a quick image of the "Christmas Ships" in Portland....

wakebrdr94 12-28-2012 7:28 AM

So took part in the LBBP for the 12 year. Ironically, we never take pictures of the bu.:(. Haven't quite figured that one out yet. But one of the advantages of so cal and it's weather.


Traffic jam to start the parade
But there was one other Bu

Chuch 12-28-2012 7:54 AM

Awesome! We always wanted our local dealer to get us a spot in the big city parade where we were going to put out 4 or so ropes and all longboard behind the boat off the tower, in costume of course. Seemed like the right idea while we were drinking and thinking. LOL Lots of starting and stopping though. Is anyone rocking that in your local parade yet??

wakebrdr94 12-28-2012 11:56 AM

There were a couple paddles boarders and kayaks that row along side of everyone

wakedaveup 12-28-2012 12:08 PM

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Boat parades are so fun, this is a cool thread. Here's the G23 all decked out for the Windermere Boat Parade in Central Florida. Weather and sunset were amazing along with all the other boats and kids keeping the Christmas spirit! Tons of boats by the end of the night, very fun event.

SangerTom 12-28-2012 8:34 PM

The Long Beach and Huntington Beach parades are awesome. I've figured out with our landstyle boat parade that the more blinky lights you have the more awesome you are. If you get a blow up lawn decoration on you're elite class. One day I will be there....:D

durty_curt 12-28-2012 9:16 PM

The name of this thread should be "boats on parade" kinda reminds me of rage against the machines, bulls on parade!

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