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pesos 12-21-2012 8:17 PM

Another shooting in PA
Multiple homocides and 3 troopers injured.

The NRA just released a statement that the Government should place an armed guard with all police officers to prevent this from happening again in the future.

guido 12-25-2012 2:59 PM

Crime perpetrated by a felon. Somebody that illegaly obtained the weapon and should have been in prison for life for killing his grandmother in 1980. Maybe we should be asking how he got on the streets??

pesos 12-25-2012 3:13 PM

I agree. Just pointing out the lunacy of the NRA's response. Same with the guy that shot the firefighters - never should have been out of prison to begin with.

guido 12-26-2012 9:03 AM

The NRA and the gun banners are politicing. Both are taking a hard line so that they can aim for a compromise that suits their needs. IMO the real attention needs to be placed on the criminals. Stop wasting time with the guns. If there is one group that wants the shootings to end the most, it's the gun hobbiests.

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