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ryanw209 12-19-2012 5:07 PM

Fresno CA Cable Park
Looks like someone is trying to get one approved in Fresno. If you have a minute to spare, it would really help out if you could hop onto the fresno bee website article and post something positive about it in the comments. It's getting beat up pretty bad by the citizens.


wakemitch 12-20-2012 9:32 AM

The comments on the article remind me of the public forums on the show Parks and Rec hahaha

stephan 12-20-2012 12:14 PM

I made a comment. Hopefully the negative-nancies (almost all the posters) will open their minds a little. I know that might be tough in the No.

wakecompoundelsinore 12-21-2012 2:17 PM

Thanks for the post Ryan. The group of negative posters is pretty small and they post negative comments on EVERYTHING city hall does. We are receiving allot of local support but definitely need more before the city council votes in January. As soon as I have an exact date when we get on the docket for the council meeting Ill post it. Any support will be appreciated and especially Central CA locals. If anyone wants to write letters to the editor,call City council etc.it will go a long towards a majority vote for the cable park. This site is perfect for a Cable Park in many ways,you all are going to love it.

dadthedriver 12-24-2012 11:34 AM

I have posted my support on the Bee site and would love to attend the council meeting in Jan. Please keep me updated.

wakeviolater 01-02-2013 8:06 PM


mcclure_kevo 08-26-2013 8:08 AM

Any update?

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