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sippi 12-19-2012 2:51 PM

Iphone 5 or Galaxy S III
Got an upgrade coming up and can't decide between the two. I love how much bigger the s3 is compared to the iphone 5. To me the 5 looks to be just a bit slimmer/taller 4s. but still not as big as the s3. Have any of you tried both, had both or offer some comparisons. I already have an ipod that my music is on. i used to have an iphone 3s then switched to the galaxy s when it came out. So i don't really care to have music on my phone since i already have the ipod. other than that, what are some of your pros and cons about them? Thanks in advance!

ord27 12-19-2012 2:59 PM

my wife went with the Galaxy. It drained battery life big time. She swapped it for an i 5

much happier

one of my employees just got the samsung note. He loves it

dakid 12-19-2012 3:28 PM

no experience w/ the iphone but i love my s3. i love it. coming from an htc evo 4g, battery life on the s3 kicks ass. but the beauty of it is i can get extra batteries for it if i need it. and should i need to expand storage space, i can pop in a bigger micro sd card.

sippi 12-20-2012 7:23 AM

Yea that is definitely a big plus for me, on an iphone when you are out of memory you are out...The Note is a cool phone but a buddy of mine has one and he's like 6'5 300lbs and i'm like 5'9...when i hold that thing its like i might as well be holding an ipad up to my ear. i think the s3 is the perfect size. the iphone 5 is about the same size as my galaxy s that's 2 years old. i heard the s3 was faster than the iphone 5 because of the new processor.

so i got one saying the battery life is terrible and one saying it kicks ass... haha nice. thanks for the input though guys

dakid 12-20-2012 9:32 AM


Originally Posted by sippi (Post 1799297)
so i got one saying the battery life is terrible and one saying it kicks ass... haha nice. thanks for the input though guys

i said compared to my htc evo, the s3 battery life kicks ass.

jhartt3 12-20-2012 9:35 AM

get the Nexus 4. dont mess with samsung's interface they put over google android.

hatepain 12-20-2012 12:33 PM

If you can get the Nexus 4 on your network get it its unbelievable. If not get the S3, the only thing the iPhone does better is last a bit longer.

sippi 12-20-2012 2:47 PM

My carrier doesn't have the nexus...I'm with a company called Cspire, its only in the south i think, but they have great service and i have unlimited everything (calls, texts, and data) for 120 a month and that's for 2 phones (mine and my wifes). so there's no point in me going anywhere else. they don't even offer that plan any more you have to be grandfathered in to get it. I think i'm going to go with the S3, seems to be good, i like my galaxy s right now and i don't need an ipod since i already have one of those. Don't see that the iphone does much more (if anything more) than the s3 and i like its size. My wife wants the iphone 5 so she'll get that and we'll see which is better in the long run i guess.

mjfan23 12-20-2012 9:46 PM

I have an SII.... Awesome phone, batttery life is miserable. The screen will blow away any cell phone.

hatepain 12-23-2012 8:20 AM

If your carrier is a SIM card network then you can get the Nexus 4, it can only be purchases through Google.

pesos 12-23-2012 11:26 AM

iPhone 5 is a really good solid phone with great battery life. That being said I also have an HTC 8X and I REALLY like this phone - just a few quirks that have me back on the iPhone for the time being. Once Microsoft gets their next big update out I may be on the 8X for good.

Sethjoe 12-23-2012 11:43 AM

I originally had the s3 for about a week. Phone itself is awesome with lots of cool little tricks. Battery life sucks and I didn't get very good reception at home or work so I had trade it in for the iPhone 5. I love the 5!! I had an Evo before this and the apple iOS is so much more refined then android and iCloud is a slam dunk. Needless to say, I would of kept the s3 if the reception was better but now I'm glad it wasn't.

beleza 12-28-2012 12:16 AM

Ive got the s3 and love it. Battery life actually isnt bad compared to my last phone. I was also trying to decide between the s3 and iphone 5. I'm glad I went with the s3.

jeff_mn 01-02-2013 7:48 AM

I've had both

Iphone - smooth overall use, better battery, FAR better camera, better keyboard
S3 - vibrant screen + larger screen size, customizable, unlimited memory, doesn't require "apple ecosystem"

Pros/Cons of both. Decide what your priorities are and decide. I had IP5 for 3 months, traded for S3 I've had for 3 months. Both good but different. I think I prefer the Ip5 after having both but I dont know that you cna go wrong.

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