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BradM07SS 12-17-2012 8:05 AM

Sundown SAX 125.4 comparable to SNY 4
I need a amp to power my 2 REV 10's. I can get a Sundown SAX 125.4 pretty good deal. How does it comapre to the wetsounds SYN4. Looks pretty good paper.

Here is a link to it.



corerider 12-17-2012 2:28 PM

Those Exiles didn't last for long! You're right that they look equal spec-wise, but that is all I got. I have zero experience with Sundown. Don't forget you have a WS retailer in your backyard that might give you a deal!

If I knew I wouldn't have my balls removed for my person I would sell you my SYN4 so I could upgrade to the SD4, but I like my balls... and being married!;)

BradM07SS 12-17-2012 2:46 PM

I had the REV 10's for about a month before end of boat season. I was running big 4 channel amp I had laying around on them, but its just to damn big. (27" long)

I'll check with them tomorrow. Hopefully they could hook me up. Oh yea not having balls isn't all that bad at all,

nitrousbird 12-17-2012 4:11 PM

These little Class D series of amps (PPI, Polk, NVX, Hertz, Nakamichi, etc. all make a version) are hard to beat price wise for power/quality/price.

PPI tends to sell the least expensive version:

The Polk D4000.4 is marine rated too:

These are great amps.

BradM07SS 12-30-2012 7:21 PM

Ended up going with Skar Audio 125.4 it's class d and very small footprint. Here is a link.


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