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12-16-2012 12:11 PM

How much is my tower setup worth?
Hey guys, just curious if you could help me out with gauging a good price for my tower, racks and speakers.

- Tower: Big Air Pylons - Ice Model Tower. Polished Aluminum Model. - $499.00 New
- Speakers: Liquid Audio Double Can Setup- Kicker 6.5" speakers. 4 speakers all in their own cans. $849.00 New
- Board Racks: Krypt Tower Quick Release Wakeboard Racks - 2 total racks which hold 2 board each. $124.99 x 2 = $249.98 New


Just curious what you guys would say is a good price for this setup.


polarbill 12-16-2012 1:53 PM

Probably ~$750 for the whole setup.

boardman74 12-16-2012 3:11 PM

I'd say thats best case. Used tower on a boat are pretty tough sell. I know there was one on craigslist here all summer and never sold. Might have better luck selling the stuff seperate.

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