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sixeye 12-15-2012 5:49 PM

Pro Shop in Lancaster/Palmdale, CA
I am looking for a wakeboarding pro shop in Antelope Valley (Lancaster/Palmdale, CA). I want to get a gift card there for someone.

Powder and Sun used to carry wakeboard gear. Do they still? It doesn't appear that they have a web site.

MattAlz33 12-16-2012 9:39 AM

The Powder and Sun closed in Victorville about two years ago and they stopped selling wakeboard gear like two years prior to that. So I would think the chances aren't good. I would just go with an online shop like BuyWake.com. There's a shop in Corona called Green House Marine, but it'll be a drive.

Dustfarter 12-16-2012 7:12 PM

Sports LTD is the San Fernando Valley is still a great shop.

sixeye 12-16-2012 7:25 PM

Thanks! Forgot about those guys. One in AV would be better (I'm looking to get a gift card for someone that lives in Palmdale) but Sports LTD might work. And yes, those guys are pretty awesome. I bought some stuff from them a while back. Thanks again.

aces6692 12-16-2012 9:15 PM

Billy's Boardshop in Santa Clarita

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