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coda281 12-15-2012 2:03 PM

New board help
Hey guys, I'm in the market for a new board for boat so I can use my slingshot for cable only. My main board I've liked a lot was the lf witness, but I tried both the regular and grind. I got twice as much pop with the grind base. Only downside was the looseness of it on the water but I'm used to that from my ss. Does anyone else have any input on this grind vs regular issue? I'm also open for other board recommendations, I just wanna be sure in my next board before I drop all that money. Thanks

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jamesruberti 12-16-2012 7:23 AM

I recommend the 2013 Ronix One Timebomb

King12 12-16-2012 8:22 AM

m board has a grind base, and i love it, but i ride cable with it too, if this is going to be a boat only board i say you not worry about it and whether it is grind or not dont even think about it. If you feel like one has twice the pop and you like that, get that one.

anketell3 12-16-2012 9:39 AM


Originally Posted by jamesruberti (Post 1798630)
I recommend the 2013 Ronix One Timebomb

you haven't even ridden or even touched it yet how can you recommend it
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deltarida 12-17-2012 4:46 PM


I sent a message to your profile with some info on boards

coda281 12-23-2012 9:57 PM

I test rode the Ronix One board last month, not sure if thats the same thing as the time bomb, but it felt really heavy to me. I'm not too big of a fan of heavy boards because I feel like they control my rotation when I go into the air. My dream board would be light, SUPER boosty, somewhat fast (but that's not too important) and soft landings. I found all of those in my slingshot except for the pop. If you know of any board that has all of that please let me know and I'll try to demo it. These are the boards left that I haven't crossed off my list yet, so if anyone has ridden these and has input PLEASE let me know! It would be awesome! Thanks!!

O'Brien Contra
LF Watson
LF Witness
LF Shane Hybrid
Hyperlite Marek

jburbo 12-24-2012 6:21 AM


Originally Posted by coda281 (Post 1799724)
My dream board would be light, SUPER boosty, somewhat fast (but that's not too important) and soft landings.

you would get pretty much all of those things in the Phalanx CW boards, either the CW-385 or the CW-425. if you are interested or need info shoot me an email at joe@phalanxwake.com.

DatTexasBoy 12-24-2012 12:13 PM

I would definately try the HL Marek Bio or Nova.Great board!!!! System pros with your choice of boot. Great combo for me.

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