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raceman121 12-14-2012 6:45 AM

Phoenix project S and ronix one questions.
Im just wondering if anyone has and experience with this board the '12 or the '13. Also wondering what everyone thinks of the one time bomb vs. the one atr.

Bumpass1 12-14-2012 11:53 AM

Timebomb is a lighter stiffer version of the ATR

skiboarder 12-14-2012 12:09 PM

The ATR and the Time Bomb feel exactly the same on the water and off the wake. The Time bomb is lighter in the air. They are very similar rides.

I ride the Time Bomb.

MIKEnNC 12-14-2012 2:55 PM

how does the modello compare to these if anyone has personal experience with that as well

Bumpass1 12-15-2012 3:05 AM

The base is the difference with the modello boards. The ATR and the Timebomb have the sintered (park) base. The Modello is for boat only. Shape of all three boards is te same.

austin 12-15-2012 8:17 AM

Interesting. I didn't realize the Timebomb had the sintered base. I thought lightweight boat boards and heavy-duty, durable park boards were mutually exclusive. Is the Timebomb still lighter than the Modello? Is the Timebomb as durable as the ATR? Usually the jack of all trades is the master of none, but I'm pretty sure the Timebomb is marketed as being lighter and better behind the boat than the Modello (with the Modello being the "budget" option).

wakemitch 12-15-2012 12:54 PM

Modello is pretty much standard wakeboard construction. But Ronix adds a fiberglass rope on the edge for strength and stiffness (similiar to Byerly)

ATR is the same as Modello but adds two parallel carbon fiber strips and a sintered base. (Stiffer/snappier and is more durable on rails)

Time Bomb has the features of the ATR, plus uses a lighter and stiffer foam as well. (it is the stiffest and more responsive core as well as lightest)

raceman121 12-16-2012 1:49 PM

anyone have any experience with the Phoenix?! Like how it feels off the wake compared to the time bomb.

Bumpass1 12-16-2012 5:43 PM

I haven't been on a Phoenix, but I tend to think that they are totally different. The Phoenix is the "flex" board in the line and the Timebomb is the stiffest. I can only speak about the Tmebomb and I love it. It locks on edge when you need it to but you can still slide it around on command. It releases off the wake with ease and has the ability to forgive less than stellar landings.

ronix_ryder 12-16-2012 7:27 PM

I have the 11' phoenix for a park board, and I can tell you first hand that it is very slow and doesn't get great pop.

501s 12-17-2012 7:53 AM

I have the Timebomb. Best board I've owned. For boat I like everything about it. Jamie summed it up perfectly above.

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