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snyder 12-13-2012 11:37 AM

Who knows about reloaders?
Is RCBS a good brand? good quality? A local gun shop has a RCBS Master Kit on sale and a re-loader's been on my radar for a little while, but I've never owned one and haven't done much research into brands/kits etc yet.

In all likelihood, I don't really shoot enough for it to pay for itself anytime soon... but I'd still like to have one anyway. Just don't know if I want one bad enough yet.

colorider 12-13-2012 2:16 PM

there is a lot that goes into reloading.. its not as easy as it looks. I would do some research into it before buying. Also depending on what caliber or calibers you are realoading, it is cheaper to buy ammo off the shelf then it is to reload. Reloading is less expensive if you are doing 1000s at a time. It is also time consuming unless you have a progressive reloader. Progressives are not to good for a complete beginner. Right now primers can be very hard to find making it impossible to reload. I used to reload years ago and gave it up years ago when the 1st primer shortage happened. I now shoot more then I did back then. (couple hundred rounds each of 223, 9mm, and 40sw every week and I am not even considering getting back into reloading. In the 9mm and 40sw I can get ammo online cheaper then I can reload it. And that would be buying primers by the 1000s, powder in 3# or 5# kegs.
As far as brand, RCBS is a good brand. Dillon is great as well but a bit more money.

If you want to invest in something right now, start buying ammo!!!! The price is going up an up and inventories are getting depleted fast.!!

snyder 12-13-2012 2:53 PM

Thanks Andy.
I looked into it a bit further today. and yeah, the savings aren't worth the effort. i quickly came up to about a whopping $20 savings per 500 rds of .40S&W. not even close to worth the effort.

at that rate, it'd take me about 10,000 reloads just to break even when you add in the cost of the equipment... if you factor in a dollar value for my time I may never break even.

jaegermaster 12-13-2012 7:58 PM

I have a Dillon and RL550b and love it. I don't think most re-loaders are that concerned about "breaking even". If I had to take into account the cost of getting set up it wouldn't be worth it. Leave out the cost of equipment and I can re-load cheaper than buying factory loads. Re-loading also is nice if you want to customize your loads, especially for rifle. Can you buy bulk .223 cheaper than I can re-load them? Sure. But I can reload some nasty 7mm mag or 300 winmag way cheaper that I can buy them at the store. It's also nice having a stock of brass, primers, powder and bullets so when the prices go up mine stay the same price.

Just my $.02.

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