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grant_west 12-13-2012 9:56 AM

Lets Do Stupid Stuff & Then Post in On Facebook!
O ya have to love Facebook. All the Drama and stuff that should remain private some how gets posted. Ok your a SF cop. Do you think it's a good Idea to post a video of your driving a Lambo threw the Broadway tunnel at 100 Mph while saying you were Drunk? Humm. I don't know if this guy is as bright as the cop that had sex with a Porn Star on the side of the road and then posted pictures of "him in action " and bragged about to all his cop buddy's!


ttrigo 12-13-2012 3:28 PM

Social media has completely changed the way stories are related.
I cant even imagine the stuff that myself and my friends would have posted back when i was in high school and my early twenties. Granted, this is a cop, but still.

jason_ssr 12-14-2012 6:33 AM

Yeah, and back then stories were simply word of mouth. There was a certain amount of deniability. In the age of internet hoaxes, photoshop, and "pic or it didnt happen" no story is true without HD video of it.

I cannot count how many things I did in my youth that Im happy there is no proof\record of. Its all just urban legend. It was certainly a different time, but many things I did for relatively innocent entertainment (I was a good kid) back then would be an indefinite prison sentence today.

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