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Wakedrvr 12-13-2012 3:43 AM

My son is 14, and has been wakeboarding for a couple of years. He would like a new board/bindings to use at the local cable park. He insists on a model with a continuous rocker, even though the park loans out 3-stage types which he's been using because they're better than his old Hyperlite, which is too small now.
He wants a Liquid Force FLX, but I only want to spend $3-400 on the package. Can anyone recommend a lightweight and durable LF board/bindings with a grind base for a 110# boy? Would the rocker style even matter to a kid learning how to navigate jumps and rails?

Thanks! Mike H.

Kane 12-13-2012 5:04 AM

Maybe these:


Bindings may not fit.
And the Hyperlite kit is ugly as.

King12 12-13-2012 8:58 AM

Is he 100% on Liquid force? i mean if youre not gonna get him an flx maybe try other brands.

anywho, dealadaywake is an awesome site for finding steals, right now there are some slingshot options for 80bucks. and you could pick up a ss board for 300. When i was searching in your price range I found a hyperlite process for 200 dollars that i absolutely love and has done great at the park and behind the boat.

Also, if you know of a store nearby that sells boards, you can ask somebody, maybe like the board areas superviser if they have any deals, I went to an overtons and they tried to sell me a LF tex for 225. should have let them.

ryanw209 12-13-2012 11:17 AM

It sounds like the super trip would be what you are looking for but they just came out for 2013 so it's above your price range. It's going to be really hard to find a grind board and bindings in your price range. The 2012 LF witness grind alone is still selling for $300. Maybe a used package from someone on here? I would worry less about the rocker and more about if he wants a standard board or flex and molded fins or bolt on. Maybe check out your local shop or big sports chain store. They should be wiping out any 2012 inventory left.

Also I'm not sure what size he rode before but I would probably look for something in the low 130cm range for his weight. The ones Kane recommended are only in stock in a 138 which is way to big I think.

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