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ttrigo 12-11-2012 9:16 PM

San Diego - Gaslamp restaurants
Looking to my fellow wakeworlders in sd for a little food advice. Gonna be in sd on saturday night with some friends, and am looking for a good place to eat. Looking for good seafood and steaks. Not ruths chris, but perhaps a step below.
Gonna be about 10 of us, so it has to accomodate a decent sized group.

Thanks guys!

ottog1979 12-12-2012 11:34 AM


We don't go out as often to Gaslamp so I may not be up on the totally hip & current. That said, here are some favorites:

Blue Point - seafood & steaks, consistently good. A Cohen restaurant - they know what they are doing.

Candelas - Mexican seafood, but more Mexico City / Spanish than the Mexican you are likely to think of. We LOVE this place. A little out of the box of basic seafood/steaks which makes it fun. The Sea Bass is to die for. It also has a hip, cozy bar that gets going later.

Fish Market - A handful of blocks from the Gaslamp, but if you want a view the bay and are a little more seafood oriented, try Fish Market. Casual downstairs, upscale upstairs.

Searsucker - Heard good things but haven't been yet.

Urban Bar & Grill - Also heard good things but haven't been yet.

Other steak places which we have not been in a bunch of years but carry good reviews:
George's on 5th: http://georgesonfifth.com/
Greystone: http://www.greystonesteakhouse.com/

Did the Strip Club - didn't like it. OK food, but for that kind of price I don't want to cook it myself.

psych3060 12-13-2012 11:00 AM

Love Bankers Hill, good food and great craft beer. Not in the Gaslamp, but in Mission Hills, which is not too far from downtown.

The Tractor Room is awesome. Good food and awesome drinks. Also not Gasplamp, but in Hillcrest, which is also just up the hill from downtown.

Cocina Urbana is also in HIillcrest/Mission Hills. Haven't been but have heard great things.

I am not a fan of downtown Gaslamp.

psych3060 12-13-2012 11:01 AM

Oh C-Level Lounge on Harbor Drive is awesome...great views, great food, great atmosphere.

ottog1979 12-13-2012 11:55 AM

I did not stray on "Gaslamp" but I will definitely X2 on Banker's Hill !!! Eat there last Thursday, a favorite place.

We have done Cocina Urbana (couple blocks from Banker's Hill and it too is excellent (second to Banker's Hill but still very good.)

ttrigo 12-13-2012 12:49 PM

We are staying at the bayfront, and figured gaslamp is where most all the entertainment is for us. Is there a better place for mid 30's to hang out and get a good meal and have some fun without feeling like we are pledging a frat?
I know all the cool places to go with kids, but havent done an adults only trip in sd for many years. Gaslamp was all homeless and crackheads the last time i didnt have kids with me.
Thanks for all the tips. Makes me want to move down there even more. I hate our food scene where i live!

psych3060 12-13-2012 10:28 PM

C-Level is also a Cohen restaurant and is on the bayfront. It has amazing bay views and great food. I would say all of the above would fit your description. As a mid-30s mom of young children, my playgroup moms and I try to try a new non-kid friendly place every couple of months. Also just around the bend on Shelter Island is Bali Hai...best Mai Tai around. We usually stay in the North Park/South Park/Mission Hills/Hillcrest neighborhoods. Such great restaurants in those areas.

da_moose 12-14-2012 7:57 AM

Dick's ,,,, funnest place to eat and it's gooood and cheep ,,, Dick's

ttrigo 12-14-2012 8:31 AM

Thanks for all the info guys!
I am leaning towards the c level lounge place. That looks fun, and reasonable. My friends are looking at some brazilian steakhouse place in the gaslamp district. My wife and another woman in our group dont eat red meat though, so not sure if that place would work.
Thanks again guys! Tell the rain to stay away for a few days please!!

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