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no_tools 12-09-2012 2:08 PM

BMW owners
im looking into getting a 2005 BMW 545i. Does anyone know the pros and cons to this car or any other BMW? Ive only owned american cars but the wifey really likes the look and space in the 545. Any help for this rookie would be great. Thanks

polarbill 12-09-2012 5:36 PM

I don't have personal experience but from what I have heard buying any BMW, Benz or audi out of warranty is asking for trouble unless you can work on it yourself or have a friend who can work on it.

boardjnky4 12-09-2012 6:43 PM

repair costs

fun to drive

psudy 12-10-2012 8:33 AM

I have a 750 which is comparable(although newer). First, find a shop with trained BMW mechanics. DO NOT take it to a dealer. Repair costs are twice as high at my dealer than the shop I found. Mine has been pretty maintance free so far(knock on wood!). I had to replace rotors already and tires are coming up. Oil changes are a bit more expensive, but you only have to do them every 10K miles. I love my car. It is the nicest vehicle I have owned. I came from a history of Cadillacs, and they just don't compare in ride quality and handling. Make sure all scheduled maint. has been performed on the one you are looking at and have it checked out by a mechanic before purchase.

Also, if you can find an M5, do that instead.

jarrod 12-10-2012 9:11 AM

Hopefully CIE Evan chimes in. He spent a great part of his life as a BMW tech. He set me straight as I was considering an older M3 just last week. The moral of the story......be prepared to spend thousands every year on repairs. His suggestion is usually to fork out that money up front to get a newer car, preferably with a warranty, since you're going to spend that money on repairs anyway.

They are fun to drive though. I've driven the newer and older M5s and they are incredible. Muscle and luxury together is a beautiful thing.

steezyshots 12-10-2012 10:00 AM

I have been a BMW owner and I will never own another. Super fun to drive for a couple years then all hell when they start to have issues. I would lease one and give it back at the end of the lease, but I would never buy another one!

wakeboardin 12-10-2012 11:44 AM

I guess I'll chime in as well. Bought my daughter a 3 series conv. for her first car with 70K miles on it and it soaked me with the nickle and dime repairs and parts (she totaled it) until up to the end. However I got more for it then anticipated when it was totaled due to resale. I currently have a 750i that I am going through the lemon law on it now has 41K miles and it has issues with the doors unlatching and opening while driving as well as the windows not closing but usually only when the temp. is warm or hot outside. It has been back to the dealer (9) nine times for this also has had the muffler replaced twice due to a rattle brakes and other maint. but it seems it has been at the dealer more then I drive it. I will say its covered under warranty and maintenance so I pay nothing but the point I am making is I pay for a 7 series but end up driving a 3 series loaner more then my car.

My buddy has a 550 and he has had a few hick ups as well but as Evan and others are saying after the warranty and maint. program things get costly so if your not in a position to afford the costs then go another route.

I have learned my lesson and when my lemon law procedure is complete I will move onto something else no more BMW's for me.

Good Luck with choice,

12-10-2012 12:19 PM

I wouldnt own a bmw unless it was under warranty but even then the trips to the dealerships are whats annoying even if you do get a loaner.

Although my ex's car never had issues with it and her family has bought 11 bmws from my local dealership in the last 5 yrs.

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