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ktm525 12-09-2012 9:05 AM

Summer Road trip
Ok we finally did it. We bought a 2013 MB B52 23wb. It is being built now. Will have in January. Now the question. I want to do a 10 day(+/-) road trip. I am thinking on renting a 25 foot RV and doing a northern California road trip. Shasta, Bullards etc. I have not been to either. Any ideas of where to stay and launch. Or maybe even other lakes to go to. I figured now is the time to plan.
Thanks in advance for any info. It is greatly appreciated.
Don C.

SS_Hooke102 12-09-2012 9:18 AM

I've been to Shasta a few times and imho you could spend ten days there in itself and never see the whole thing, let along get all your riding in. Sick boat!;)

shawndoggy 12-09-2012 10:26 AM

put trinity on the list for sure.

simplej 12-09-2012 2:57 PM

push farther north and go to diablo lake in wa. its def my dream ride spot...

dohboy 12-09-2012 9:01 PM

I agree that both Shasta and Trinity are beautiful lakes that you could easily spend 10 days at. Why spend time on the road when you could be in the water? If you do go to Bullards you are going to probably want reservations for the RV. You're going to have to make sure you get them when they open up the reservations in January of you may not get what you want. They book up fast.

ktm525 12-10-2012 6:19 AM

Do you guys know where to stay at Bullards that allows RV.

hillbilly 12-10-2012 3:46 PM

School house is the name of the campground I think?
Hornswoggle is gruop sites.
What size rig do you have? Some of the sites would be a tight fit for 30' plus....

ktm525 12-11-2012 6:01 AM

We are going to rent an RV. I f have been looking and we are thinking a 25 is more then enough.

hillbilly 12-11-2012 9:05 AM

Get a double site and you can park the boat next to the rv. Only downside to Bullards is no shoreline camping unless you boat camp. But its only a short haul to the ramps from the campground.

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