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kwade17 12-08-2012 1:28 PM

Cable boards?
Looking to get a new board for the cable the 2 things im looking for is speed and alot of flex. I have ridden the ctrl supreme and obrien paradigm both are fast and both have continuous rockers. kinda been looking at both of those and the ss reflex.

opinions welcome

e_rock32 12-08-2012 2:21 PM

A slingshot response will be faster then the reflex, as well as the shredtown. I've heard the new wood cores aren't as flexible as the previous years when they used a foam layer, but they are significantly stronger and will be stronger than most other manufacturer's boards.

fly135 12-08-2012 3:04 PM

I've had my CTRL RX for less than 3 months and the bottom is already cracking and worn to the core. Shameful when a board can't even hold up with a 57 yr old riding it..;)

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