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clotus 12-07-2012 4:29 PM

front ballast question
Boat: 08 Sanger V215

Recently went to the lake and was quarantined (mussel inspection) because of approximately 1 cup of water in the front ballast bag. I attempted to pull the bag out, but it did not want to come out. Does anyone know how to remove the front factory ballast bag?

It appears it is held in place with the plumbing lines looped around the floor supports and I cannot reach the front to loosen the hose clamp to undo the front fill. Assuming it is not glued the only option I can think of is to cut the fill line and re-plumb, which I would like to avoid.

Thoughts on how to remove the bag or get every last drop of water out?

boardman74 12-08-2012 8:18 PM

I can tell you short of removing it, going to be pretty tough to get every drop out of a bag. If there was only a cup in there thats pretty lame. Plenty of people are carrying that much around in their bilge.

clotus 12-08-2012 9:55 PM

I agree it was super lame, but it is what it is and I do not want to be denied again because of a little water sloshing around. I am thinking a shopvac might suck it out......

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