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xclay89x 12-06-2012 12:48 PM

Liquid Force B.O.B.??
Just curious if anyone has ridden this board? If you have what did you think about it? In the market for a new board, and do not have a chance to demo this board. Just trying to think about all of my options.

jonstrom119 12-11-2012 1:26 PM

I haven't heard anything about it, but since bob rode the watson classic for awhile I would put money on that it is pretty close to it.

Andrew14 12-11-2012 3:43 PM

I have a friend who is a good rider who has ridden it (his main ride is a Watson Classic 138cm). He said that it releases later than the Watson Classic and that you really have to ride it all the way up the wake. He said that it has a lot going on (ie. you can actually feel the different stages in the rocker), but once you've got it figured out, its pretty awesome.

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