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wakeworld 12-06-2012 9:11 AM

2 More Items For Auction Until Midnight
There are two more items up for bid that didn't get sold, The GoPro Hero 3: White Edition and a Sterling Silver Wakeboarding Pendant. Below are the links to the auctions that ended, so they have the descriptions, but if you want to buy either of them, throw a bid down here and we'll do the auction on the discussion board. I'm going to take the highest bids as of midnight tonight. To save time, start the bidding at $100 for the GoPro and $20 for the Pendant because I'll buy them if they go for less than that. Shipping is free!

- GoPro Hero 3: White Edition Camera
- Sterling Silver Wakeboarding Pendant

wakeworld 12-06-2012 9:16 AM

Please don't bid if you have no intention to buy. The reason we're stuck with the GoPro is that some tool didn't ask for permission from his girlfriend to spend that much money until after the auction had ended, so he told me he was just going to pay for it and then return it!

onthewatermo 12-06-2012 9:19 AM

$100 on the GoPro
(sets alarm for 11:58)

12-06-2012 9:45 AM

How long is the auction going for the gopro?

wakeworld 12-06-2012 10:57 AM

Midnight tonight. Just need to get the cash to buy toys. Someone will get a deal (currently Ozark King).

fly135 12-06-2012 10:57 AM

$150 for the GoPro.:)

onthewatermo 12-06-2012 1:07 PM

(*asks for permission from girlfriend* - "why would you need my permission?")
. (*looks down at cards...looks at fly135...notices a tell in opposing bidder's emoticon*)
$155 for the GoPro
(note: I'll use it to film BROstock footage)

Bumpass1 12-06-2012 1:51 PM

I'll start it off on the pendant

monkey_butt 12-06-2012 8:09 PM

oh what the heck - maybe you haven't shipped my other stuff yet ;-) ... it's for a good cause ... I'll offer 250 for the Go pro ... but I hope someone will outbid me ... otherwise I have to tell my wife :D

nautiboy614 12-07-2012 6:07 AM

Jamie - Hope your up at 11:59......sniper on target.....J/K! :)

Bumpass1 12-07-2012 7:13 AM


Originally Posted by nautiboy614 (Post 1797538)
Jamie - Hope your up at 11:59......sniper on target.....J/K! :)

Prick!! Lol

boardjnky4 12-07-2012 7:20 AM

hmmm looks like I'm too late, but i'd pay $160 for the go pro

12-07-2012 8:51 AM


Originally Posted by boardjnky4 (Post 1797551)
hmmm looks like I'm too late, but i'd pay $160 for the go pro

Typically people bid higher than the last bid lol :)

wakeworld 12-07-2012 9:00 AM

Nicolas, you are the man!! That's about what the GoPro went for in the auction, so that works out well. If you can PayPal $250 to gobig@wakeworld.com, we'll get ActiveLifeStore.com to ship it out today!

Jamie, thanks for picking up the pendant! If you go to wakeboardjewelry.com you'll see all their pendants and you can choose whatever one you want. They also had a women's pendant that is not listed on their website, but you can see it in the auction link above. Let me know which one you want, PayPal me at the address above and we'll get everything shipped out.

Thanks to everyone for their bids!!

Bumpass1 12-07-2012 7:00 PM

PMed you Dave

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